Demi mentions Miley in Hot30 Countdown Interview

Miley wins the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame

In a dramatic come-from-behind victory, Miley Cyrus has secured her induction into the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame. Thanks to overwhelming support from her fans, Cyrus secured 42 percent of votes cast during the month-long race to be voted into the Celebrity Wing of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. For the second consecutive year, fans were empowered to vote for their favorite celebrity nominee at Justin Bieber, who was defeated by 2010 inductee Taylor Swift in the final hours of the last year’s competition, once again fell short of obtaining bowling immortality despite once again jumping to an early lead in the 2011 competition.
“We knew that with mega stars such as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber in our line-up that this year’s race would be a close one,” said Steve Johnson, executive director of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America. “Fueled by the passion and support of her supporters and bowling fans worldwide, Ms. Cyrus rose to the occasion scoring an incredible comeback victory. We are honored to welcome her into the Hall of Fame and grateful for her support of the great sport of bowling.”
Added Johnson, “From pop musicians and Hollywood stars to professional athletes and hip hop artists, this year’s class of inductees represent the surging popularity, diverse appeal and inclusive experience that is bowling today.”

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[VIDEO] Beauty Book For Brain Cancer Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

Hollywood’s Top 10 Best Dressed.

These actresses literally have their personalities on their sleeves with the clothes and accessories they wear, and here are some of the best that do it like real stars.
Aside from their films, music, or whatever it is that they do in the entertainment industry, young Hollywood icons are constantly followed because of their fashion sense. These celebrities are not only talented, but they also have unique styles that add an interesting layer to their personalities. These are some of young Hollywood actresses that have the best fashion sense.
4. Miley Cyrus – Miley might be criticized for her racy onstage outfits, but this Disney star-turned-teen idol has a signature bohemian style unlike any other. Miley is known to mix boho and gypsy pieces like fringe, turquoise, and silver to western items such as leather, boots and vests. Like a modern-day hippie, the “Hannah Montana” star is constantly photographed donning the “peace sign,” with her long brown hair in loose curls.

Glee 3D Movie NOT expected to top Hannah Montana 3D Concert.

Nobody, but nobody, is expecting Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, opening Friday, to make money like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, the live-music movie’s game-changing blockbuster.
“Maybe if this would have hit after the first season when Glee had just began, and people were really, really excited,” Exhibitor Relations box-office analyst Jeff Bock said.
But opening when it’s opening, and against stiff competition, too, from Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the new drama The Help, forecasters just aren’t expecting much.
“Everybody will be surprised if it does more than $12 million,” said Bock, who’s actually counting on a $8-$9 million Friday-Sunday Glee gross. “It’ll barely make the top five.”
Not being Hannah Montana, though, is not necessarily the same as being a bomb. Concert movies, after all, have lower budget bars to clear. The Justin Bieber concert movie, for example, was made for $13 million; the Glee movie was even cheaper than that—just $9 million.
To see what Glee‘s up against, history-wise, here’s a look at the five biggest weekend debuts by concert movies, per Box Office Mojo stats:
  1. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (2008), $31.1 million
  2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011), $29.5 million
  3. Michael Jackson’s This Is It (2009), $23.2 million
  4. Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (2009), $12.5 million
  5. U2: Rattle and Hum (1988), $3.8 million

Vote for Miley for Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina.

Miley is nominated in one category this year at the Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina.
She is nominated in the “Favorite International Singer” category and is up against Selena Gomez, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Joe Jonas, Miranda Cosgrove and Big Time Rush.
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“So Undercover” Details.

Last Winter, Miley finished filming her latest film, So Undercover. Or, that’s what we thought! Yesterday and today, Miley was spotted at UCLA campus filming once again for the film, with co-star Josh Bowman.
Rumours went around that they’re reshooting scenes for the film, however now people are saying that they’re shooting an alternative ending too. Knowing this, you would think that the film’s release date would be pushed back. Wrong! According to a source on set who asked about the movie, it’s still being released in October.
Apparently, the film is coming out in October in the USA and the UK, while in other countries it’s coming out as late as December. I hope that we hear something about the film soon, I’m excited! 
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Filming "So Undercover" at the Ucla Campus.

Miley’s new song: “Karma’s a bitch”?

Earlier today, @T33Nsource on Twitter posted a question, asking Miley fans if Miley had a song called Karma’s a bitch. Of course, no-one has heard any song with this title before, so most people said no, where as some people said it was just called Karma. However, T33Nsource told us differently, giving us an idea of Miley’s new song.
@T33Nsource No it’s “Karma’s a Bitch” :-)
The title of the song sounds interesting, and I can’t wait to hear! I wonder if it’s linked to one of Miley’s latest inks, which is a small tattoo saying karma on her finger? What do you think?

[VOTE] Miley Cyrus Votes As The Hottest Bondage Girl

Old enough or not, HollywoodLifers, YOU think Miley is one bada** bondage babe!
We couldn’t help but notice the love of bondage-wear in Hollywood so we put together a round up of those our favorite bondage babes and asked YOU who was the hottest, and though she is just legal it was a hands down win for Miley Cyrus! So why is she the sexiest bondage girl when most 18-year-olds wouldn’t be let out of the house in these outfits?The only rhyme and reason I can find behind this one is that Miley has some seriously devoted fans! Though many claim Miley has alienated her younger followers with her vamped up looks, others seem to be cheering her on. Whether Miley decides to go good or bad she seems to have a HUGE fan base in both areas who are not going anywhere!
I have to give it to the girl, even though she is young, she does look darn good in that lace and leather. I guess keep doing what your doing Miley, since it seems to be working!
Why do YOU think Miley is the hottest bondage babe HollywoodLifers? Sound off below!
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“Party In The USA” Two Year Anniversary.

Two years and a day ago exactly on the 11th, Miley Cyrus released her smash hit “Party In The USA” On Itunes. The song was produced by Dr.Luke and was originally sang by Jessie J.
As time went on “Party In The USA” turned out being a huge success, which Miley didn’t expect at all. In 2009 when Cyrus was asked about her hit single she always replied with “I never thought the song would be such a success, i just made it to go with my fashion line.” When Cyrus was asked what her favorite Jay Z song was she replied with “I actually never heard one before.” Which a lot of people were shocked about considering Jay Z was mentioned in her song. In that year Miley also performed her hit on Fox’s “Teen Choice Awards.” Causing a huge controversy considering Miley did a little dip on a pole, which in anyone’s opinion who has a brain is not a so called “Pole dance.”
Miley later in 2009 toured the USA, UK, and a few other countries. Her “Wonder World Tour.” That year was just as big as a success as her hit single was. Congratulations to Cyrus and everyone who worked on the song for making another July 4th anthem.
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Miley amongst the most influential actress’ on Twitter. has released a list of the most influential actress’ on Twitter. The top 3 were surprisening, but it also has a few interesting ones. They include Victorious star Ariana Grande is on the list, which shouldn’t surprise many. Here is the official list of who the listed as the most influential stars, which also includes Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

1: Demi Lovato
2: Selena Gomez
3: Ariana Grande
4: Miley Cyrus
5: Bella Thorne

The list has mostly 90s stars, but the real shocker is how a co-star of Victorious. You would think that Victoria Justice or Miranda Cosgrove. But I have noticed just how much a tweeter Ariana is, so that is likely why she is in the list. I am also surprised that Miley is not higher up in the list. She made number 4 on the list. I guess she does not tweet as much as she used to anymore or maybe other stars just enjoy tweeting more often. Miley’s tweets alone typically become topics to talk about.with your friends for gossip.


Filming at the Ucla Campus.

Earlier today (August 11th), Miley was seen filming “So Undercover” at the Ucla Campus. Miley reportedly finished filming in January, but looks like they had a few scenes left.

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New photo with dancer and friend Jen.

Miley’s new Get Ur Good On Blog

I had an incredible time at the Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala last month! I was surrounded by so many positive people with a passion for doing good. In February, I went on my first mission with Starkey to Haiti and felt truly blessed to be a part of it. Seeing the kids we brought hearing aids to hear again was an amazing experience. I loved my trip so much; I decided to go on another mission! Please watch this video of our trip and find out how you can Get Ur Good On with the Starkey Hearing Foundation too.

Miley Cyrus & More — Who’s The Richest Teen In Hollywood?

Did Miley beat Selena? Is Justin the richest of them all? Find out the top-earning teen actors and musicians!

If you thought it would be cool to trade lives with a superstar like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus before, just wait till you get a load of this: According to People, the pop superstars are two of the richest teens in Hollywood! Justin, 17, pulled in a reported $53 million this past year — mostly from his movie, Never Say Never, and his fragrance, “Someday” — while Miley, 18, made $48 million last year from touring alone!
See who else made this incredible list:

  • Taylor Lautner: A source reveals that Taylor, 19, earned $8.5 million for the final two installments in theTwilight saga and was paid $7.5 million for this upcoming action-thrilled, Abduction!
  • Angus T. Jones: The Two and a Half Men star’s current contract is worth an incredible $7.8 million, as he makes $300,000 per episode!
  • Nick Jonas: He’s not just the hunkiest JoBro — he’s also the richest! Nick’s reported earnings last year totaled $12.5 million.
  • Selena Gomez: Justin’s lady friend made $5.5 million last year. Not too shabby!
  • Jaden & Willow Smith: Between music and movies, Will Smith‘s kids are blowing up! Jaden, 13, raked in $5 million in 2010 (with $3 million from The Karate Kid) while 10-year-old Willow’s budding music career (including her hit single “Whip My Hair”) earned her an estimated $4 million.
  • Dakota & Elle Fanning: The sisters’ most recent movies earned them each a pretty penny — Dakota, 17, got $4 million for Breaking Dawn, while 13-year-old Elle got $1.5 million for Super 8.

Author of “Wake” Gives us some info about movie production.

As we recently reported before Miley was in the talks to be filming a movie called “Wake” Rumors earlier this year claimed Cyrus would start filming this upcoming December.
However the author Lisa Mcmann (@Lisa_Mcmann) cleared up all these rumors by tweeting:
Nothing is certain but @ParamountPics and MTVFilms + @MileyCyrus have optioned it. Hope it happens. It takes a long time, though.
That being said it still seems like “Wake.” The movie and Cyrus’ role are still up in the air. The author has tweeted multiple times that she would love for Miley to be the main character and how much she respects Miley for the person she is. Miley’s IMDB page has already added “Wake.” Under her lists of films she will be working on. IMDB also gave “Wake.” a release date of 2013.

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Miley Cyrus’s PDA-Filled Date with Liam Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made a big show of their relationship this weekend when they skipped the Teen Choice Awards to spend some quality time together. The two were spotted at Sweetsalt on Aug.8 enjoying a casual lunch and some intimate one-on-one time together!
“They were enamored with each other and didn’t focus on their phones or any other distraction! They were all lovey dovey with each other,” said a source who was dining at the small restaurant when the couple stopped in for a bite.
Both Liam and Miley ordered salads, which are the restaurant’s specialty, and Liam was ecstatic that they had an Australian root beer by Bundaberg, which he said was one of his favorite drinks from home! They were holding hands, smiling at each other, and even kissed as they enjoyed their lunches. There was very little talking, but they seemed very content just enjoying each other’s company.
“They were in their own world and couldn’t keep their hands off each other! It was very obvious to every one that they were on a date,” said the source. “They didn’t sign autographs or take any pictures with fans, they were just all about each other.”

Starkey Hearing Gala Portraits

We came across these portraits from the Starkey Hearing Gala. Miley looks absolutely beautiful! 

Jake T. Austin jealous of Miley’s fame?

Yesterday Miley Cyrus found out via twitter that paps were sneakily taking pictures of her and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth while they were out running errands. Cyrus was so upset she tweeted:
@MileyCyrusBz These pics are really cute but I didn’t know there was paps there. How rude. What invasion of privacy. Paps are low life scum..
Her rant didnt stop there a few seconds later she tweeted:
Dear Paparazzi, please take your business else where. Go point your lenses at someone who wants the attention. Because I do not. Thanks.
Oddly early today Jake T. Austin (@JakeTAustin) tweeted “haha these celebrities sayin they dont want paparzzi no more. Its like your the one who called em in the first place!” Miley fans were so upset that they started sending him hate. Jake replied to one of Cyrus’ fans by tweeting:
“@DivaScalie could realle care less. not in it for fame. just dont like hypocrisy. u think paparazzi just shows up w/out being called?? ha” Later Jake tried trending #TeamAustin to stop the hate, however that plan failed. Little does Jake know that Miley Cyrus is one of the few celebrities who does NOT call the paps on herself, but is rather stocked in order to make headlines. Instead of Jake tweeting the truth, he just tweeted his ignorance about another celebrities life.
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New “SNL” photoshoot outtakes

We finally have some new outtakes from the “SNL: Saturday Night Live” photo shoot. Miley looks absolutely stunning!

Miley is a science lover.

Is science for nerds only??? Watch “ Science is Rock and Roll,” a one-hour special promoting education, science and technology on SUNDAY AUGUST 14th 7|6 c on ABC.

Liam & Miley At Sweetsalt Food Shop in Toluca Lake

Yesterday (August 8th), Miley and Liam were seen at Sweetsalt Food Shop in Toluca Lake. They shared a few kisses and held hands as they were leaving.