[PIC] Miley with fans in Costa Rica.

Miley leaving the Costa Rica at the airport. this boy and this girl met Miley on christmas this december 25 at the Juan Santa Maria Airport in CR when  Miley was going to USA!

Happy Holidays & Happy New year 2012 from SourcefulCyrus

Happy Holidays to everyone, Have a merry christmas and we wish you the best in 2012. Thanks for support  our blog and read our posts, without you this cant be possible. We love you so much and keep supporting the Queen Cyrus :) LOVE to all <3

Newly surfaced “Hannah Montana forever” on set photos


Dog Pile has released their list of most searched items for 2011. The lists include a few of your favorites celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. While their list is on the late side of coming out, it still is a very interesting list. They also included some other items as well that really helps shape what this year was all about. You will find the full list at the bottom of this post.

I will admit that I do enjoy these lists, it sort of gives an idea about what people search for but I also sort of feel like it is virtual intrusion on their users. Never less the lists do pretty much stay the same throughout the years that they have kept track of it and I suppose webmasters can learn a thing or two from these kinds of list. It could help some of the smaller sites to learn how to rank higher. Beyond that these list just likely feed some egos, but hopefully not too many of them.

How do you feel about these kinds of lists? They certainly are a fun look at most web user’s minds. But I will say that they should say how they compile these kinds of lists. It doesn’t seem too clear and since that is the case, it is hard to see where they get these numbers from. In the mean time, though, I do suppose we can enjoy these lists and wonder what next year will bring in terms of the most searched for items of 2012.

Top Ten Musicians:

1. Justin Bieber
2. Lady Gaga
3. Katy Perry
4. Adele
5. Miley Cyrus
6. Taylor Swift
7. Rihanna
8. Amy Winehouse
9. Nicki Minaj
10. Eminem

Miley Cyrus in Costa Rica. December 2011

Miley loves latin America but guess what? her favorite part was central america, Miley went to costa rica for her gypsy heart tour, she had so much fun, and she is back in that country, but this time she is going to have fun with her boyfriend´s family. She is going to the beach and we can see that she takes a guitar maybe an inspiring song really soon, well some fans got the chance to meet her at the airport in Costa Rica. They also met Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworh from Thor the movie. Miley is going to stay in the Intercontinental  Hotel in Escazu the same hotel that MC used when she was on tour! Maybe Miley is gonna stay in CR for a week, hopefully two weeks!! keep checking the blog for more information about Miley.


December 11, 2011 the fifth annual “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” brought out the stars and the heroes, to collide in a night of awards. Ending the year on the right note, the stars paid tribute to everyday American heroes, those that fight in the trenches for the good of their communities. The event is held in Los Angeles at the Shring Auditorium. The anticipation is high and the stories are tear provoking in many cases.
Tonight, Miley Cyrus performed a song and presented an award. Miley’s charity, “Get Your Good On”, celebrates the people that are doing good will to inspire others. Miley said that going to Haiti was the best experience, the results she saw moved her. Miley explained, “It is amazing to see them singing and dancing with kids…it’s the most rewarding thing you can do. I think its just important to get your good on… it starts at home. Instill into kids why it is so important.”
While she was presenting the award, Miley mentioned the “empathy” that is so necessary for doing good works. She mentioned that Rachel had that empathy when she started a charity to raise money for clean water. “Charity Water” went from $200 to over 1.25 million after Rachel died in a car rack – just days after starting her charity website.


Yesterday, Miley and Liam attended the CNN Heroes All Star Tribute. Check out a video of them arriving to the event above!

Liberty Walk Against Gay H8!

This is a project inspired by @Rock_Mafia's video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovs0fpFgeqw to fight gay hate! This video will be standing up for gay rights, and fighting gay bullying and the un-tolerance of gay marriage. 

This video will contain all homosexual loving and homosexual/bisexual Miley Cyrus fans taking a stand against Gay H8.

Keep supporting The Official video for the Liberty walk remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovs0fpFgeqw

Miley Cyrus new song ´You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go´

Miley recently covered Bob Dylan’s You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go for a new tribute album. The album, Chimes Of Freedom, honors 50 years of Amnesty International. All proceeds from the album support Amensty’s fight for human rights! You can pre-order the album here. Doesn’t Miley sound flawless?! She should sing country more! Make sure you check out the cover above.

Miley Presenting at the American Giving Awards 2011

[PICS] Miley at the American Giving Awards.

Miley Cyrus at the American Giving Awards 2011 tonight december 09. Miley was looking gorgeous as always, she was wearing her long hair & a long dress , the show will be presented on NBC tomorrow.

Miley is ‘disgusted’ by hospital rumors.

On early Wednesday morning a Twitter poster claiming to be a Miley Cyrus fan started a nasty rumor about the singer on the social networking site, saying that she had been hospitalized after suffering from a fainting spell.

The false rumor caught on fire and soon the entire social network was buzzing about Cyrus being in the hospital and eventually the game of broken telephone turned her fainting spell into a heart attack.

Cyrus’ close friend Kelly Osbourne quickly jumped on Twitter and said that the rumor was false. She wrote;

“You Miley fans need to stop this your being ridiculous she has not had a heart attack! Please stop being so aggressive!”

Cyrus has heard about the hospitalization rumor and she’s not impressed to say the least. She has now posted a message on her Twitter account addressing the situation, saying;

“@MileyCyrusBz That person better knock on wood! To be honest I’m disgusted by whoever started that and put that energy out there!”

Later the original poster admitted that they made the story up to “cause drama”.
Thanks: Examiner.com 

Peoples choice awards poll: Vote Miley.

On January 3rd, 2012, a Bob Dylan tribute album is coming out! Miley is covering “You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go” for the album! PeoplesChoice.com made a poll asking which artist you’re mostexcited to see on the album.
Many popular musicians will pay tribute to Bob Dylan on a new album. Which artist(s) are you most excited to hear on the album?
Make sure you vote for Miley! Click HERE to vote. 

[VIDEO] Miley performing "the Climb" at Trevor Live.

Miley performed “The Climb” at Trevor Live, with her friend Johnzo West! She sounded great.

[PICTURES] Untagged pics of Miley performing at the Trevor Live event.

[PICTURES] New untagged rare pictures from the Gypsy Heart Tour Photoshoot.

I found the next pictures before MileyOnline.us, but they were really rare and they were in black & white so I tried to fix them, a couple of hours I saw the pictures tagged in MileyOnline.us so I decided to untag them, so say thanks♥

I fixed this one, when I found it, it was black & white, it think its way better than the other one.

[PICTURES] Untagged pictures from THE BEAUTY BOOK FOR BRAIN CANCER shoot.

Hey guys! we worked really hard to remove the tags from the next pictures, as we know MileyOnline.us post them first but they tagged the pictures, we think that tagging pictures is unfair for the smiler family, now say thanks! :)

[PICTURES] Miley performing at the Trevor Live event.

Miley performing at the Trevor Live Event, December 4, 2011, She was beautiful as always and she got her extenssions back, I love her outfit!♥

First Picture of Miley performing at the Trevor Live event. 

Demi mentions Miley in Hot30 Countdown Interview

Miley wins the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame

In a dramatic come-from-behind victory, Miley Cyrus has secured her induction into the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame. Thanks to overwhelming support from her fans, Cyrus secured 42 percent of votes cast during the month-long race to be voted into the Celebrity Wing of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. For the second consecutive year, fans were empowered to vote for their favorite celebrity nominee at GoBowling.com. Justin Bieber, who was defeated by 2010 inductee Taylor Swift in the final hours of the last year’s competition, once again fell short of obtaining bowling immortality despite once again jumping to an early lead in the 2011 competition.
“We knew that with mega stars such as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber in our line-up that this year’s race would be a close one,” said Steve Johnson, executive director of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America. “Fueled by the passion and support of her supporters and bowling fans worldwide, Ms. Cyrus rose to the occasion scoring an incredible comeback victory. We are honored to welcome her into the Hall of Fame and grateful for her support of the great sport of bowling.”
Added Johnson, “From pop musicians and Hollywood stars to professional athletes and hip hop artists, this year’s class of inductees represent the surging popularity, diverse appeal and inclusive experience that is bowling today.”

Thanks: MileyCyrusBZ

[VIDEO] Beauty Book For Brain Cancer Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

Hollywood’s Top 10 Best Dressed.

These actresses literally have their personalities on their sleeves with the clothes and accessories they wear, and here are some of the best that do it like real stars.
Aside from their films, music, or whatever it is that they do in the entertainment industry, young Hollywood icons are constantly followed because of their fashion sense. These celebrities are not only talented, but they also have unique styles that add an interesting layer to their personalities. These are some of young Hollywood actresses that have the best fashion sense.
4. Miley Cyrus – Miley might be criticized for her racy onstage outfits, but this Disney star-turned-teen idol has a signature bohemian style unlike any other. Miley is known to mix boho and gypsy pieces like fringe, turquoise, and silver to western items such as leather, boots and vests. Like a modern-day hippie, the “Hannah Montana” star is constantly photographed donning the “peace sign,” with her long brown hair in loose curls.
Source: IBTimes.com

Glee 3D Movie NOT expected to top Hannah Montana 3D Concert.

Nobody, but nobody, is expecting Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, opening Friday, to make money like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, the live-music movie’s game-changing blockbuster.
“Maybe if this would have hit after the first season when Glee had just began, and people were really, really excited,” Exhibitor Relations box-office analyst Jeff Bock said.
But opening when it’s opening, and against stiff competition, too, from Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the new drama The Help, forecasters just aren’t expecting much.
“Everybody will be surprised if it does more than $12 million,” said Bock, who’s actually counting on a $8-$9 million Friday-Sunday Glee gross. “It’ll barely make the top five.”
Not being Hannah Montana, though, is not necessarily the same as being a bomb. Concert movies, after all, have lower budget bars to clear. The Justin Bieber concert movie, for example, was made for $13 million; the Glee movie was even cheaper than that—just $9 million.
To see what Glee‘s up against, history-wise, here’s a look at the five biggest weekend debuts by concert movies, per Box Office Mojo stats:
  1. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (2008), $31.1 million
  2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011), $29.5 million
  3. Michael Jackson’s This Is It (2009), $23.2 million
  4. Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (2009), $12.5 million
  5. U2: Rattle and Hum (1988), $3.8 million

Vote for Miley for Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina.

Miley is nominated in one category this year at the Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina.
She is nominated in the “Favorite International Singer” category and is up against Selena Gomez, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Joe Jonas, Miranda Cosgrove and Big Time Rush.
Make sure you click here and vote for Miley!