(Pictures) New gorgeous-sexy Miley 'So Undercover' Stills

No Specific Time Frame Set On Trailer Release For Miley Cyrus “So Undercover”

We have been fielding a lot of questions today on Twitter concering Miley Cyrus’  So Undercover movie . What we know at this time is that our information has the release set in Oct. 2011.  The Weinstein Co., which will distribute the movie has not issued a specfic release date yet,  The ball park time of the  movie release is still in October as of right now.

As for a trailer, we called them and asked about that. They told us that they would issue a trailer after they Officially set the release date of the movie but offered no specific time frame on when that might occur. 
We are currently seeing promotional stills from the movie popping up so it should not be too much longer before we see more info surrounding this movie like a trailer. We will post what we have for you guys when we get it.
We know everyone is anxious to see this movie and get as much info on it as possible but we all have to wait on the studios as it is their call when they decide to release the information.
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NEW PHOTOS from the Promoshoot For The Gypsy Heart Tour.

Miley Cyrus smashes a photo of Nick Jonas in full Concert-Mexico

Miley Cyrus turns to smile with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and both seem a very happy couple, however the artist may still have in mind for his ex, Nick Jonas. Duringa concert in Mexico the girl frowned a picture of a guy too close to the singer.
    On 26 May, the young man was in Mexico during his tour 'Gypsy Heart. "Miley wassinging his theme '7 Things', a song whose lyrics are rumored to be inspired by hishistory with Nick.
    One fan who was at the concert recorded the time at which some fans went to thestar it a ball of paper that looked like a note. It was an image of the video clip in whichMiley was seen with a boy whose face was scrawled but looked a lot like Jonas.
    The singer was very surprised to see still singing and tore it into pieces. The video amateur guy says the photo is Nick Jonas, but whoever he is, it seems that Miley is not his favorite saint.
    Will Cyrus and Nick Jonas feeling something?

In minute 1:20 you can begin to see how Miley shatters the picture:

Take Me Along Live- Chile

This is one of my favorite song of Miley, I didnt like it so much but when I heard it live, I felt tottally in love with take me along♥ everytime I hear this song I cry ♥ Thanks RADIATE LOVE-Danny

Mileys concert yesterday & what a great person she has become!

The singer offered her fans a night full of energy and positive vibe .


Miley Cyrus has something special. Not the best voice, not the best presence on the pop scene.It is the most experienced and constant disputes with the media have become easy targets for gossip magazines. But behind all its defects are chipping greatest virtues.Great discipline, improved his show's constant and the most notable: The always eat out on stage as he did last night at the Stadium Omnilife, to just over 15 thousand spectators, mostly young women the singer have become the symbol of a new generation of pop singers who do not claim to be perfect, but enjoy every moment on stage.
In what was the first test for Omnilife in a concert open to the public, interpreted and integrated a flawless installation exhibited the virtues of the stadium as a new space for concerts.
At about 21:00 pm the stage lights began to shine steadily, while sounding the first notes of Liberty walk, before the widespread public outcry. And before uttering a word, the artist and had magnetized the attention of the audience.
Those expecting a similar Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana at the tender took a surprise (especially parents). And the singer is showing a particular energy and sensuality that breaks with the traditional idea that a figure is "childish."
While much of the public who attended the exhibition yesterday were small between eight and 13 years, it is also true that young people between 15 and 18 are in Cyrus a reflection of their own growth. Wearing a corset and showing off tattoos, Miley dominated the scene from the beginning, dancing and waving to the audience.
"Thank you Mexico, tonight is special, because it ends the American stage Tour of Gypsy Heart. Has been long and I want to thank you for joining me this time. I want you to cry with me and enjoy the show, "Miley said, and got just that (a smile) of his followers, especially the ladies, who screamed, banners and even showed up who knew quite well the choreography of each the subjects performed the American singer, something that was evident in songs like Party in the USA and Robot.

Presume technology and tastes 
With a screen covering the back of the stage and where they were deployed graphics accompanying each item, the actress also tucked a fairly complete show visually, since it also served other two screens at the ends and a complex set of lights.
On stage he could see his group and team of dancers, who were delivered during the concert and at all times sought to engage viewers.
Cyrus also showed off his musical influences, not as close to pop as one might think given the niche that now dominates. Showed such a cover version of the theme ballad Every Rose has it's thorn and I love rock n'roll with a much more traditional, but the surprise, especially for parents who accompanied their daughters, came when he played Smells like teen spirit, the classic line from Nirvana grunge, same garnered applause from the audience.
With pieces such as Can not be tamed, Take me along and The Climb, the U.S. raised the temperature of the stage and rounded off a concert that myth collapses and leaves a high visual extravagance. It is clear that Miley Cyrus has grown and is not interested in being the queen of children's pop, but has its sights on a scepter singers vying for the highest caliber as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, among others. Time, for now, is on their side.
''I like to think that my music not only serves to entertain, but also causes people to be inspired and can give the best'' Miley Cyrus, singer. 

The data 

Greys singer undertook to open the concert, and welcomed the opportunity to "open the show for a singer so important." The young pop performer had a good performance to jump on stage to the point of 20:05 pm and promised that, if possible, to return soon to Guadalajara.


Out For Dinner In Mexico.

(EXCLUSIVE) Two "So Undercover." movie stills.

The movie is RUMORED to be coming out this October. Which if true means we should be getting a trailer by August. Im hoping thi rumor is true and we do get to see it the movie then. Im loving the stills so far and i hope we will get more soon.


Miley Cyrus singing Two More Lonely People, Ecuador.

I went to Mileys concert in Costa Rica but she didnt sing this song, I really love this video and this is the only video I can find of Miley singing this song on The Gypsy Heart Tour.

Rolling Stone: Miley Cyrus trying to copy GaGa?

Article written by: Brian Hiatt (Senior Writer, Rolling Stone magazine. Some of my cover stories: Lady Gaga, U2, Pearl Jam, Chris Martin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Roger Waters, Jimmy Fallon)
What Do you think? is that true? I DONT THINK SO...

Get Nasty- Miley Cyrus. New Song?

17 (DEMO VERSION) - Miley Cyrus

This was for the Can't Be Tamed album. Unreleased though.
Of Course it's not miley! It's a DEMO. Miley will sing the song LATER. 

Miley & Smilers was Trending Topic Worldwide!

 We the Smilers are rocking twitter and we worked together to trend ¨Miley & Smilers¨.This tag was trending topic for more than 6 Hours! The Smilers and Miley are stronger than ever!

Smilers Celebrating 

Original photo of Miley Cyrus new Icon.

Original photo of Miley Cyrus new Icon.

"i LURV my new pic by @Vijphoto =]]]]] i cant wait until he is the biggest photographer in the world. you better remember the lil people ;)" - @MileyCyrus

New Picture of Miley Cyrus and Moises Arias.

Rare picture of Miley and Moises at the set of Hannah Montana Forever.

Cheyne Thomas talks about Miley Cyrus.

Question: What the best of being Miley's friend? I mean, it don't have to be an ordinary relationship?
Cheyne Thomas: it is tho! Promise! She is as normal as they come. Also one of the funniest most loving people I've ever met.

My Cyrus experience in Costa Rica.

Me Meeting Billy Ray, Tish and Noah Cyrus In Costa Rica.

I didnt meet Miley Cyrus, I saw her in the Hotel but she was really protected with her bodyguards, However I met her family and they were really sweet ♥