Miley Fanfic by Erin!


On the outside, Miley Stewart looked like a regular 16 year-old girl. She lived in Long Island with her parents and younger brother, but had always felt like she never really fitted in. On the inside, she had always felt special. Like she had something inside her that she couldn't really explain. Like a power, a gift. She had no one to turn to, the only person believing her stories was her grandmother living in Florida that she only saw once a year when her and her brother Peyton spent the summer with her. Her grandmother, Rose, had always told Miley when she was younger that she had something inside her that was powerful. Strange things seemed to happen to Miley, ever since she was younger. She'd move things with her mind, things would accidently blow up when she got mad, and she could levitate objects with the swish of her finger. One time, she even turned her English proffesor invisible. So, when Miley started packing for her trip to her grandmothers, she had no idea what was in store for her this summer.

Chapter 1.

Miley felt the cool air flow through her long brown hair. The sun glistened off the blue water; a beautiful scene Miley was lucky enough to see every year. She was on her way to her grandmother’s house in Orlando, Florida for the summer. She loved going to her grandmother’s house. She had a house right down by the lake, far away from all the noise and traffic. Miley liked to sit out on the lakeside and read. It was nice, it was quiet. And she loved spending time with her grandmother too. She had so many stories to tell, and Miley liked to share all the gossip from Long Island.

Miley saw those familiar white gates, the huge lawn and the large but cosy house she was used to seeing every year. Her grandmother, Rose, had bought this house not long after her husband Harry had died, just after Miley was born. Miley couldn't remember her grandfather, he was kept alive in her imagination by all the pictures of him that cluttered Rose's house. She had taken it hard when Harry died. He was her first love and they had met when they were only 8. Rose loved to talk about the adventures her and Harry got up to, but kept very shady about how they met. It was as if it was forbidden to talk about it.

As the car wound it's way up the pebbled driveway, Miley saw the faint figure of her grandmother standing at the doorway, waving frantically at the black Range Rover.
'My mother was always rather enthusiastic!' giggled Miley's mum, Serena.

They pulled up right in front of the house. It was a large white house with high glass windows and a front porch swing. The lake ran directly behind the house, and the garden was a mile long strip of green green grass. Rose came running towards them, her arms wide open. She was small and plump, and had short red hair. She refused to admit her hair was going grey, so chose to dye it instead. She was wearing a long flowery top and purple trousers, and Miley thought she looked a bit like a clown. Miley's dress sense couldn't be more opposite. She was wearing a black Ramones t-shirt and short denim shorts. She had on black All Star converse and her eyes were covered in black eyeliner and dark eye shadow.

'Wow, my young girl, how you've changed!' Rose proclaimed to Miley and she accepted her open hug.
'And you...Peyton!' she called to Miley's younger brother. 'I'm loving the spikey hair!' Peyton giggled, but slightly flattened down his hair. He was only 11, but acted like a 15 year-old. He told everyone he had a 17 year-old girlfriend called Mya, which was complete nonsense as Mya was the name of his gerbil.

The three of them helped Serena take the suitcases out of the boot and left them on the porch. They had taken 2 full suitcases each and had stuffed as much inside them as possible. They were awfully heavy. They stood in silence for a minute, too afraid to talk. Finally, Serena broke the awkward silence.

'So...I guess this is goodbye,' she stuttered, not knowing where to look. 'We'll see you on the last week of the holidays. I'll miss you both!'
She hugged Miley and Peyton, kissed both their foreheads and turned back to the car.
'Goodbye Serena,' called Rose, awkwardly. Her and her daughter had never really gotten on, and Miley never knew the reason why. It was another thing that seemed forbidden to talk about. Serena turned around, but kept walking to the car. She got in, waved again, then drove back down the large pebble driveway. Miley smiled and turned to her grandmother.

'So, are you ready for Summer?'

Chapter 2.

After she had unpacked, Miley grabbed her book and went out back to the lake. Rose was already sitting there, looking out onto the water. She never noticed Miley come sit down beside her. Miley looked at her face and noticed she had been crying. Her face was red raw and her eyes were blood shot.

'It's hard, you know...' Rose began, with a crying tone in her voice. 'When your daughter doesn't want to talk to you, as if you don't exist. Like she doesn't care that i gave her life. That i gave her all that she has today.'
'Well it's hard for me too, to see two of the most important people in my life not get on,' Miley whispered. She didn't want these words to seem harsh. 'Why does she hate you so much?' she questioned. Rose acted as if she never heard. She turned her head towards the house.
'Where's your brother?' she asked, changing the subject.
'Inside,' Miley answered. 'He's still unpacking.'

Miley didn't know whether now was the right time or not to act her grandmother questions, questions about the powers she had. Last week they seemed to have gotten stronger, as if they had became full blown. She knew Rose would have the answers to her questions, but was now the right time? When was the right time? She decided to wait till after tea, then she would ask her questions. Rose had made them steak, forgetting that Miley was a vegetarian. She was left to have the potatoes that went with the steak. After tea, while Rose was cleaning the dishes, Miley thought it was the perfect time to ask her questions.

'Hey, gran?' she asked, not knowing where to start. 'What you up to?'
'Well, what does it look like i'm doing?' Rose questioned, pointing at the dishes she was cleaning.
'Well, yeah i know that!' Miley laughed, just realizing what she had said. 'What i meant was, what are you life?'
'What am i doing in life?' laughed Rose, repeating Miley's question. 'I don't work, as you know, be honest, i'm a bit lonely living here by myself.' As she said this, Rose stopped cleaning the dishes and put down her head. 'It's never been the without Harry.'

That was another thing her grandmother had never told her; how Harry had died. Before her grandmother had lived in Florida, her and Harry had lived in Montana. Rose was the only one who knew how Harry died, and insisted she was the only one that ever would. Even Serena wasn't allowed to know how her own father died. But Miley had a sneaking suspicion that it had something to do with this power she had. It was all too much of a coincidence.

'Gran...' Miley started. 'See these...powers i have? Well, i think they're getting stronger!' As she said this, Rose lifted up her head as if something startling had been said.
'I know,' Rose said firmly, making Miley take a step back. 'I know that they have gotten bigger. You can't control them; sometimes it just happens. It's because you're growing, your powers are growing with you. You can't stop them!' Miley didn't know what to say. She was in shock.
'Gran....what am i?' she asked.
'I knew this day would come,' Rose answered. 'Miley, you're a witch!'

Chapter 3.

Miley didn't know what to say. Her feet felt frozen to the ground. So many thoughts were whizzing through her head. Her gran had just told her she was a witch, and that her powers were growing. What was she supposed to do? She thought all this must be a major joke. But it wasn't, was it? This was all very real. Rose didn't know what to say either.

'Gran...' Miley had finally built up the courage to talk. 'Tell me everything.'
'Where to start?' Rose giggled, trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work. 'Well, you know how I've never really told you about where i met your grandfather? That's because i met him at Gilderoy's.' The puzzled expression on Miley's face told Rose she had no idea what she was talking about.
'Gilderoy's is a training school for all wizards and witches aged between 8 and 20. It teaches them the basics of magic; potion making, spells, how to use your powers properly. When i started Gilderoy's, so did your grandfather. Let's just say, we fell in love. Then came your mum and, it was all perfect. Your mum went to Gilderoy's when she turned 8 and Harry even ended up teaching there, he loved it so much. Then, your mum met your dad, a mortal, and you then came along. As you know, Harry died not long after you were born. Rumors were flying about that a wizard had turned bad, something that wasn't known in the wizarding world. All wizards and witches were usually good and, no one knew what to do. So, off course, he went on a killing spree. Killed all the teachers at Gilderoy's, including Harry. And, off course, Gilderoy's was closed. The wizard was eventually killed but I didn't tell Serena about any of this, i didn't want to scare her. I guess that's why she hates me. She thinks that i won't tell her because i can't trust her, that she doesn't deserve to know. But i'm doing it for her. But she knew that he had died because of magic, so she gave it up. She stripped her own powers. But she couldn't strip yours and no one knew why. The spell that would remove your powers never worked on you. I gave up my powers too, as i never really needed them anymore. Then, when your brother was born and your mum was technically a mortal, he was born without powers. But you have always had yours. Always. We never told you as it wasn't normal and your mum wanted you to have a normal life. I said otherwise. That's why I've always listened to your stories about your powers and your mum and dad never.'
This was all too much for Miley, it was all happening too fast. Finding out her grandfather was killed by an evil wizard, her mum wanted to strip her powers, that her brother had none. This was crazy.
'And...' continued Rose. 'I have offered, to the wizarding world, to help bring back Gilderoy's. For all the young wizards and witches out there who have no idea how to control their powers. To bring back my powers to help others. And, off course, help you understand your powers too.'
Miley didn't know what to do. She just nodded her head, still looking confused.

Chapter 4.

The next few days were a bit of a blur. Rose had to get things sorted at Gilderoy's and Miley had to explain everything to Peyton. Off course, he was a bit annoyed that he never had powers.

Rose would often disappear for hours on end, only coming back to make them dinner. It was hard on Miley. She was suddenly catapulted into a new world you knew scarce about. Gilderoy's wasn't a real place, on the outside. The only way you could get into Gilderoy's would be if you were a witch or wizard. To get in, you had to have a Retne Key. A key which would magically conjure a door, a door that would lead you straight to Gilderoy's. When a young witch or wizard turned 8, they would receive one. Magically.

It was all hard to deal with, learning all the tricks and trades of the wizarding world. But in a way, Miley found it all fun. Learning how to Blink (disappearing while blinking and thinking of a place or person, then reappearing there or with them), and how to make potions. She even learned how to write spells and tell the future. But Miley's favourite thing was being able to turn herself invisible.

Then, the day had came. As Peyton couldn't go to Gilderoy's as he was a mortal, he had to go back to Long Island. Miley and Rose were to travel by Retne key to Gilderoy's, where other witches and wizards were already starting to rebuild the school. As she stood in the living room, waiting on Rose, Miley couldn't help feeling scared. What had she gotten herself in for? What did she expect to see when she walked through that door into Gilderoy's?

'Are you ready?' Rose asked, startling Miley as she came into the room.
'Not really?' laughed Miley, but she was telling the truth. She wasn't ready.
'Well, it's time to go,' Rose said, holding Miley's hand.

Rose was holding the golden Retne key. She lifted it up in front of her and all of a sudden, it went bright blue. It looked as if orbs of light were floating off of it. It was beautiful. Then, with a crash, a door appeared in the middle of the air. Rose lent forward, turned the door knob and walked in. Miley followed, still holding Rose's hand. What she saw next, Miley could never have prepared herself for. As she stepped through the door, she was standing in a long hall with a grand staircase on the end. The ceiling was high and all around her were witches and wizards floating in mid air. There were small grey doors along both walls and a large set right behind her. The walls were high, the wallpaper being done up by a bunch of rather tall wizards. Of of them turned around, and began to greet Miley and Rose.

'Well, hello there,' he laughed, bowing down to Rose. 'If it isn't Rose Cameron!' The man was wearing a black shirt and black trousers, like a karate suit. It was made of leather, and had an assortment of pockets filled with knives and potions. He had a think, black mustache and short spikey brown hair.
'Hello there Siva,' smiled Rose, slightly blushing. 'This is my granddaughter, Miley.'
Miley didn't know what to do, so she just bowed down to the tall man.
'Nice to meet you, Miley,' he said, throwing out his hand to her. She shook it.
'Nice to meet you too, Siva,' she answered, smiling to herself.
This was one cool place, and she was dying to explore.

Chapter 5.

Gilderoy's was huge. Inside the big grey doors was a huge empty hall with a stage at the far end. The walls all had newly painted pictures of wizards and witches. On the stage sat a large G, standing for Gilderoy's. In front of it was a large silver cushioned chair. Witches and wizards were bustling around; flicking the mop with their fingers and floating to hang the pictures. It all felt very surreal for Miley.

She left the big hall and decided to go explore the rest of the huge building. She climbed the huge set of stairs at the end of the hall, just to find an exact replica of downstairs; witches and wizards everywhere. She made her way through the crowd and headed towards a large statue, a statue of a unicorn. But it wasn't the statue Miley was looking at, it was what was behind it. It was a large silver door with brass spiders crawling all over it. She pushed the statue over so she could get a closer look. The handle seemed to be movie too; like it was a spider as well. She grabbed it tightly, then turned it. Inside, it was pitch black.

'Hello?' Miley called, half expecting someone would answer her. There was silence. She fumbled around, trying to find a light switch. There was nothing. She could still hear the spiders crawling about on the door.

She stepped forward. She felt something underneath her foot, like a button. All of a sudden, about 100 lamps lit on fire all along the sides of the walls, one after the other. Miley got such a fright she jumped back. At the end of the lamps, far in the distance, Miley saw something. No, she saw someone. A girl with long blonde hair. The girl had clearly noticed Miley's impromptu arrival.

'Is someone there?' the girl called, looking straight at Miley.
'Eh...yes!' shouted back Miley, thinking that the girl could see her. Miley walked forward, trying not to scare the girl. As she got closer, she realized the girl was about her age, and seemed to be smiling.
'I'm Miley Stewart,' she said, as she got close enough to the girl. 'And you are?'
'I'm Blake,' the girl answered, as if she didn't want Miley to know her name. 'Blake Cyrus.'

As she said this, she turned around to go back to whatever it was she was doing. Miley followed her, looking down at the table that sat at the end of the long room. It was marble, and looked a bit like a temple. On top of it was what looked like an orb of light, like the ones that were on the Retne key.

'What's that?' Miley asked her, pointing at the light that seemed to be getting bigger.
'That,' Blake answered her, 'is a power.'
'A power?' Miley asked, feeling confused.
'Yes, a power,' Blake reinstated. 'And i'm making it stronger!'

Chapter 6.

Miley still never really understood what Blake was talking about. She was just watching her, holding this ball of light, seeing it grow stronger. Did she steal this power from another witch or wizard? Or was this her power that she was building? And why did she need a stronger power? She had so many questions she wanted to ask her. But, like she could read Miley's mind, Blake started explaining it all.

'It's not my power, you know...' she started. 'It's my mum's power. Well, it was my mum's power. She..... passed away last month and she gave it to me. She went through a bad illness so the power got weaker as she got weaker.' She seemed to have a lump in her throat as she said these words. 'So, i promised her that i'd build it up. It's the power to bring loved ones back from the dead. And i promised her that i'd bring her back. This is a Power Temple, used by the teachers and pupils of Gilderoy's to build up any broken powers. And it also has healing properties. It's very useful. In the right hands.'

Suddenly, things got eerie. What was that supposed to mean? In the right hands? Who could be the wrong hands? But Miley started to feel sorry for Blake, losing her mum only a month ago. She seemed nice, but Miley wondered if she could be trusted.

'So, why are you up here?' she asked Blake, breaking the silence.
'Well...' Blake answered. 'My dad is a wizard. He's downstairs, helping rebuild. So is my older brother Max. They've been here for weeks now, and they think i'm too young to help. I don't truly know how to control my powers yet. So, i come up here. It's nice, it's quiet.' She smiled at Miley. 'You haven't spoke much. That's okay. I like to talk a lot. Sometimes too much. So, are you starting here after the summer? I am.'

Miley had never really thought about it. Maybe that's why had Rose had wanted her to come here, to convince her to come stay on a more permanent basis. Well, she had to learn more about magic somewhere, right? Maybe it would be fun, going to school at Gilderoy's. Meeting new wizards and witches.

Just then, she heard someone calling. They were calling Miley's name; it sounded like Rose. But, there was no one else in the room with them and it felt like it was coming from right beside them. Just then, like magic, Rose appeared. Or blinked.

'Miley!' said Rose, grabbing Miley's arm. 'I've been calling on you. Haven't you heard me?'
'Yes, i heard you!' Miley said, releasing her arm from Rose's grip. 'But how did you do that, calling on me from downstairs?'
'That's not the point!' Rose shouted. She seemed on edge.
'What's wrong?' Miley asked. 'Is something up? Are you okay?'
'You need to come downstairs!' Rose shouted. 'Now!'

Just like that, Rose disappeared. Miley ran out the room, followed by Blake. She pushed the unicorn statue back into place and her and Blake ran back down the stairs. They heard it before they saw it. From the middle of the staircase, it looked like Shrek. It was an ogre. But this one wasn't green and it certainly wasn't friendly. It was brown and ugly and was wearing a brown potato sack. It had a large bone in it's hand; it looked like a dinosaurs bone. It was terrorizing the witches and wizards, who then seemed to be firing back with spells and potions. One even seemed to be shooting balls of fire out of his hand.

'Uh oh....' Miley thought to herself. 'We're in trouble....'

Chapter 7.

The fireballs and potions that were being thrown at the ogre didn't seem to phase it. It looked as though it only made it more fun for him. Miley's first day in the wizarding world and she was being confronted by an ogre. The dinosaur bone in the ogre's hand was causing havoc on the newly refurbished walls. The wizards and witches were hiding in the rooms all along the corridor. No one seemed to know what to do.

'I know i'm new at this...' Miley began to Blake. 'But i think they're all going about it the wrong way. You see, the individual potions and powers being thrown at him aren't working, he's too big. So, i think we all need to band together to make it really work.'

It took her a minute, but Blake realized that maybe Miley's idea was the only one they had that might work.
'So, do you think if we somehow got everyone to say the same spell, we might be able to kill the ogre.
'No, not kill,' replied Miley. 'Just to trap him ...somewhere?'

The thing was, how where they supposed to tell everyone this? How could they let everyone know their plan? What was that calling trick that Rose did, where she got Miley to hear her from far away? Could it work on more than one person? Maybe that would work! But how was she supposed to do it? She didn't know? She would just have to try.

She closed her eyes and thought really hard. Then, she spoke : 'Wizards and witches, attention! Listen to me. I am Miley Stewart and i have a plan. The spells and potions we're using individually aren't working, so we'll have to work together. Repeat after me.....'

As she said this, all the wizards and witches in hiding came out and all stood together around the ogre. It was if they had all saw the light.

'Sun and sea, power of we, trap this ogre away from thee.' As Miley said this, all the wizards and witches in the room in harmony, repeated her spell. And, just like that, a metal cage rose from the ground around the ogre. It trapped him in it and with a gust of air, it disappeared. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Miley had did it.

Then everyone started clapping, clapping for Miley. All the smiling faces in the room turned to her, and she couldn't help but blush. She spotted someone in the crowd; a boy. He looked about 16 and was smiling along with the rest of them. Miley couldn't help but look at him. He had glistening blue eyes and tasseled brown hair. He was tall, about 6"0, and had a smile that Miley could see from a mile away. She definitely liked this boy.

As the applause died down, Miley climbed down the last of the stairs to join the crowd. She could here whispers. She could hear the odd word : 'the powerful one' 'all-mighty' 'change the world' 'no one like her.' Were they talking about Miley? Was she, a girl who had learnt about magic less than a month ago, 'the powerful one.'

Then she saw her, Rose. She ran grabbing her in an embrace.
'You did it Miley!' Rose called. 'You saved everybody!'
'You knew?' Miley called. 'You knew that i would do that and save everyone, didn't you!'
'Maybe i had a little part in it,' Rose giggled, feeling quite proud of herself. 'But you Missy...' she said, pointing at Miley. '...did all the hard work. And i'm very proud.'

Maybe Miley could do this magic thing after all.

Chapter 8.

The first thing on Miley's mind was how did the ogre get into Gilderoy's. The only way in would be to use a Retne key, unless the ogre never sneaked in. Someone let him in. But why would someone let an ogre into Gilderoy's? Unless they never wanted it to be re-opened. But magic being used for evil wasn't common anymore. Maybe someone was playing a sick trick on everyone? Or maybe someone let it in by accident? Whatever it was, Miley was going to find out!

As she made her way through the crowd, she saw that boy again. He was walking towards her. As he got closer, Miley noticed something. The boy had a large scar down his face. It was a deep scar, it looked as though a knife had cut him.

'Hey there,' he said, his smile making Miley go weak at the knees. 'You're Miley Stewart, aren't you?' he asked. Miley just nodded. 'Nice to meet you Miley,' he continued, bowing his head. 'I'm Tom. Tom Felton.'

Miley had never met anyone like Tom before. He was smart, cute, and really understood what Miley was going through. He had found out he was a wizard a year previous. His dad was a wizard but his mum was mortal. His dad had never really liked magic, giving up his powers not long after Tom was born. He had never been told about his powers. His parents had let him keep his, choosing to let him decide when he was old enough if he wanted them or not. And he had wanted them. He was an only child and had grown up alone, not having anyone to talk to. Miley could understand his being lonely.

Just as they had gotten onto the conversation of powers, Blake appeared out of nowhere. She had blinked.
'Hey Miley....' she started, then she saw Tom. She stopped in her tracks.
'Hey, I'm Tom,' he said, bowing his head in the same way he had done to Miley. Blake just smiled back, not knowing what to do.

Then a man joined them. It was the same man Miley has saw earlier that day. It was Siva. He seemed to look a bit shaken up by the whole thing. His spiked hair had gone flat and his perfect mustache looked out of place. He ushered Miley over to a quiet part of the hall while everyone else got back to what they were doing. He clearly wanted to talk in private.

'That was amazing, what you did there Miley,' he said, hoping to please her. She didn't know what to say. Was she going to get this all day? 'But that's not the point,' he continued. 'The point is, no other witch or wizard would have had the brains to do what you did. Not even your grandfather, Harry, and he was one of the most powerful wizards we've known here at Gilderoy's.'

Miley never knew this, that her grandfather had been one of the most powerful wizards. Why didn't Rose tell her this? Did she not want her to know? That kind of thing doesn't just slip your mind.

'Well....' continued Siva. 'When he died, there were rumors flying around about what had happened to his powers. For most wizards, they would have just died with him. But that was different for him; he was too powerful. Apparently, just before he died, he gave all his powers to you. Yes, you.'

'Me?' Miley thought to herself. The most powerful wizard at Gilderoy's had given her his powers. A 6 month old baby, the strongest powers known to man?

'And....' Siva went on. 'If you had your own powers AND your grandfathers powers....Well, that would make you 'The Powerful One' that prophets told of many years ago.'

'What?' Miley stuttered. 'I'm 'The Powerful One'?'

Chapter 9.

It took a while for what Siva had said to sink in. She had just found out weeks ago that she was a witch, and now she was finding out she was the most powerful witch ever? It was too much for Miley to handle. When she'd signed up for this job, she clearly hadn't been read the fine print. What was this supposed to mean? What did 'The Powerful One' do?

'What does this mean?' she asked Siva.
'Well...' he answered. 'This means that you have more powers than you will ever know. Many people along the way will want to take these powers from you. Not for evil, but for their own personal gain. It's your responsibility to use these powers to help people, like Harry did. He became a teacher here, choosing to share his powers with the pupils. They're too powerful to be hidden away. It's your time now to use these powers to the best of your ability.'

These words seemed to turn into a great big mumble for Miley. She was too young to become a teacher here, so how was she supposed to use her powers for the greater good? Do community service?

'These powers you have....' Siva continued. '..are unlike any others. Alone, they are very powerful. But you also have your powers combined with them. In cases like today, with the ogre, if you had used your powers you could have easily defeated it!'

'But, i'm not that kind of person!' Miley interrupted. 'There's a reason why i trapped the ogre, not killed it. I don't want to hurt anybody.'

It took a moment for Siva to register what Miley had said but after a while he nodded. 'Well....' he said. 'That is all.' With that, he was gone. He scuffled off to join a group of wizards huddled just outside the large hall. Miley hurried off too, searching through the hall till she found Tom and Blake standing in the corner. They were clearly talking about Miley as, when she joined them, they stopped what they were saying.

'Oh, don't mind me,' Miley laughed. 'Please, continue.'
'Ha, no it's nothing,' Tom answered. It wasn't nothing, telling by the look on his face. He looked as though he had just spilled his guts out on the floor for Blake to pick through.
'Well, i'll just be going,' smiled Blake, nudging Tom's side. 'I'll see you later Miley!'
'Bye,' Miley called, as Blake hurried off towards the door. What got her away in such a rush?

'So...' Tom said awkwardly. 'What did that guy want?'
'Aw, you mean Siva?' Miley said. 'He just wanted to tell me that i inherited all of my grandfathers powers and now i'm 'The Powerful One', the most powerful witch known to man that the prophets have foreseen.'
'Aw, only that,' laughed Tom. It was nice for Miley to have someone joke for once. It made her feel less lonely. That there was laughter in the wizarding world, not just scary guys with serious faces.

She didn't know how it happened. It just sort of did. It wasn't expected, for either of them. It happened so quick, Miley didn't have enough time to think about it. Tom lent in. Miley lent in. And they kissed. Right there, in the middle of all the witches and wizards including Miley's gran. She couldn't even see their faces, all she could see was Tom.

It was amazing, like nothing Miley had ever felt before. She hardly knew this boy, but somehow it just felt right. Imperfection equals beauty, right? Well they were so imperfect, they were beautiful!

Chapter 10.

Miley didn't want to pull away, she wanted the kiss to last forever. His lips felt smooth against hers. The last kiss she had had was when she was 14 in a parking lot behind McDonald's. But this time it was different. It felt different. It felt real. He was special, just like Miley. She had finally found someone who was just like her.

Tom finally pulled away. Not pulled, kind of released. She could tell by the look on his face that he didn't want it to end either. It wasn't until then that she noticed all the staring faces. The most prominent of all; her gran. Rose pushed her way through the crowd till she reached Miley. Miley could tell by her expression that she wasn't too pleased.

'Hey gran,' Miley tried to say sarcastically, but it didn't work. Rose grabbed her arm and pulled her over to the corner.
'What do you think you're doing?' Rose screamed, trying to keep her voice under control. 'Kissing him right here in the middle of the hall where everyone can see you? Are you trying to embarrass me?'
'Embarrass you?' retaliated Miley. 'It's not all about you, you know!'
'I never said that!'
'Yeah but you meant it, didn't you!'
'I'm just trying to look out for you, you know. You don't even know that boy!'
'Well i'm sorry that i never found my husband before i could even date. You don't know what it's like for me, what i'm going through right now. No wonder my mum doesn't talk to you anymore.'

That was it. The final straw. Miley hadn't really realized what she had said till after it had came out of her mouth. Rose stormed out of the room. It seemed like everyone had been watching the quarrel. All of their eyes were on Miley. And Tom. Blake appeared from the crowed and grabbed Miley's arm. She took her out of the hall, and they were quickly followed by Tom.

'I need to see my gran!' Miley shouted. 'I need to apologize. I didn't mean any of the things i said in there.'
'Yes, we know,' Blake reassured her. 'But not right now.'
'What?' Miley screamed. 'Why not now?'
'There's something you need to know!'
'What do i need to know?'
'Well.... When you guys were shouting at each other, something happened. Something magical. It was like some sort of orb of light came out you, and your gran's backs. Then they kind of...exploded?'
'What does that mean? What were the orbs of light?'
'They were your powers,' Tom pipped in. 'Just your powers, not your grandfathers. And also your gran's.'
'What are you guys talking about?' Miley was confused.

'Well....' Blake began. 'Since the event that happened 16 years ago, the magical world have been keeping a close eye on all conflict between all magical beings. If they think anything looks like it will get out of hand, they remove their powers. But only temporarily. Considering your grandfather gave you them powers, they can't take them off of you. That's the only exception.'
'Well, where do the powers go?'
'No one really knows where they go. They just go...somewhere?'

Just as Blake said this, an ear rippling scream made it's way through the whole building. Everyone grabbed their ears. This was all getting a bit too much for Miley to handle. Then, she saw where the scream had came from. She saw a young girl, about 8 or 9, running down the main stairs. She was covered in blood. Miley and Blake instantly ran towards the young girl.

'What happened?' Miley immediately asked. The girl did nothing but point up the stairs. She ran up, following the trail of blood the girl had caused. And that's when she saw it, in the middle of the corridor. The most horrific sight she's ever seen. She felt sick to her stomach. Lying there, on the floor, dead, was her gran. Rose.

Chapter 11.

Miley didn't really know what to feel. Guilt, anger, pain, grief, confusion, loss. Shock. She didn't know what to do; what to say. Her legs went weak and she keeled over, lying on the ground next to Rose. Merely 5 minutes ago she was shouting at her; telling her that she only thought about herself. Now she was lying here in a pool of her own blood. Dead.

Through the blur of the tears, Miley looked up and saw the faint figure of a boy. He was about her age; around 16. He was wearing a long black cloak and had short blond hair. He was standing in the corner; he might have seen what had happened to Rose. Unless it was him?

'You!' Miley screamed, pointing at the boy. 'What did you see?' As she said this, she grabbed the boys collar; lifting him off of his feet. The boy didn't seem phased, as though this was all normal. He just smiled at Miley.

'I know how this must feel,' he said, as Miley released her grip on him. 'I know it must be hard losing your grandmother like this, in a world that's all new to you. But you can't go round accusing everyone you see. Grieve first, ask later.' Miley was confused. What was this boy talking about? He had never met her before and now he was going all deep on her?

'Follow me,' he called, pulling Miley towards a dark and empty room. She resisted, but he was too strong for her. She could hear footsteps behind her; it was Blake and Tom. The room was completely empty. The walls were bare and the carpets were torn. It was as if no one knew about the room.

'It's called The Room The World Forgot...' the boy spoke. 'And i brought you in here for a reason.' He put his hand in his pocket and took out what looked like a necklace. It was long and gold and on the end was a golden ball. 'It's a time turner,' the boy continued. 'We can turn back the hands of time, but it's a tricky business. This is only for you to see what happened to your grandmother, not to save her.'

'We never caught your name,' Blake laughed running over to the boy and putting her arm around him. She seemed intrigued by their mysterious guest.
'My name is Justin,' he said. He looked at Miley who had a look of concern on her face. 'And i mean you no harm.'
'So, what do we have to do now, then?' Miley questioned him.
'Well...' Justin began. 'Just hold the ball and think of the time and place you want to travel to. You 3 should go alone, i'll wait here for your return.'
'How do we return?' Miley asked.
'When you have seen what you need to see,' Justin clarified. 'Now go. I'll be waiting.'

Miley took the Time Turner out of his hands. She held the ball in her hands, just like he told her to. She held onto Blake's hand with her other; Blake holding onto Tom's. Then she thought, she thought of Rose being hurt. Of Rose being killed at the top of the stairs. Then, like that, she felt as though she was being hurtled into the air. She was too afraid to open her eyes. Then. she felt her feet land back on the ground again.

She opened her eyes, and saw that the 3 of them were still in that room. Justin wasn't there, though. They opened the door and looked out into the hall. There was no one there. Then, she noticed him. Justin. he was standing in the same corner he had been when Miley had found him. Then, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It was Siva. He looked like he had just came up after his talk with Miley. He clearly never noticed Justin. Out of nowhere, a fireball appeared in his hand. He looked as though he was waiting for someone. Rose.

Then, she heard footsteps again. It was Rose.
'Hey, Rose,' Siva called, hiding the fireball behind his back. She looked as if she didn't want to talk to him. Who could blame her? Then, with that, he hit her. Just like that. The fireball flew from his hand to her chest. She just dropped like a bag of sand. Onto the floor, like when Miley had found her. Miley had to muffle her screams.

Then, just like that, they were whisked off their feet again and landed back in the room with Justin. He smiled.
'Did you find what you were looking for?' 

Chapter 12.

How could he do this? How could he kill one of the most important people in Miley's life? And she trusted him. Why did he kill Rose? What did she have that he wanted? Unless he didn't want her. Maybe he killed Rose to get to Miley. He was the one, after all, that told Miley that she was 'The Powerful One.' To watch out for the people that would want to take her powers to use for their own personal gain.

Miley couldn't get out of that room any faster. Blake stayed back to flirt some more with Justin, and Tom followed Miley out into the hallway. People had gathered around Rose's body. Miley couldn't look; she knew she'd break down again. There was a white sheet over her body and everybody had their heads down. If only they knew...

Miley ran down the stairs. The anger was boiling over; she had to find that cruel sadistic murderer who had killed her one ray of hope. There was no one left downstairs. Everyone had seemed to be upstairs, glaring at the dead body on the floor.

Miley saw him, trying to escape. He had a Retne key in his hand, and it was glowing. All of a sudden, a door appeared in the middle of the air. This was her only opportunity. She ran after him, Tom right behind her. She grabbed the back of his jacket as he stepped through the door. Tom was grabbing the back of her t-shirt.

When they stepped through the door, Siva realized that he wasn't alone. They were in a cave. It was dark, and the rocks seemed to be crumbling. There was no light. Why would he want to come here?

'So, you figured it out, did you?' Siva asked, surprising Miley and Tom. 'That i killed your gran to get to you.'
'Why?' Miley asked, the rage getting so much that she wanted to punch him. 'Why kill her? She was innocent!'
'Yes, but i had to kill her to get to you. To get you to go back in time, then to come meet me here. Your powers only really work when your emotions take over. Like with the ogre, you were overcome with fear. Now, you're overcome with hatred and anger. And i had to get you to come here so i could kill you. He...' pointing to Tom ' only a spare come along for the ride.'

There was no way this was really happening? Miley had to do something. She couldn't just let him kill her, and Tom, and let Rose die in vain. She had to save herself so she could save others. He said her powers were connected to her emotions, right? Well, she had so many emotions running through her right now. Love, vulnerability, anger, pain, sorrow. She knew that she could defeat him. She was 'The Powerful One' after all? But what about Justin? Was he evil or was he just tricked by Siva like everyone else? Was he his victim too?

'Well, you obviously don't know me very well,' Miley retaliated. 'I don't go down without a fight. And i'm up for the fight!' With these words, the battle began. Siva threw a ball of fire at Miley. She dodged it, but knocked Tom out in the process. Miley concentrated really hard, and a rock beside Siva blew up. It knocked him out the way; he flew across the air and hit a wall. She concentrated even harder on him. All the hatred, anger, pain. And with that, Siva burst into flames.

His screams, his piercing screams. Seeing his hands, his face crumble beneath him. And with that, he was gone. Dead. Just like Rose.

Chapter 13.

It was a strange feeling, seeing Siva's ashes on the ground. A pleasing feeling; fulfillment. She had avenged Rose's memory. It had all happened so fast. One moment she was dodging his fire ball, the next she was watching him burn. Miley couldn't breathe, her heart was beating so fast. She helped Tom up off the ground, grabbed the Retne key out of the debris and the door to get back to Gilderoy's appeared.

When they stepped through the door in the familiar hall, they were greeted by a group of very confused looking people. They clearly didn't know what was going on. They could tell by Miley and Tom's faces that something big has just happened. Miley spoke up:

'He's dead!' she called. All the faces turned to stare. 'It was him! It was Siva!' She heard gasps from the crowds. They were clearly shocked. A short woman with long black hair that trailed along the floor emerged from the crowd.
'It wasn't Siva!' she called. 'It couldn't be him. he has helped us all. He's not a killer.'
'You're wrong,' Miley said. 'I saw him myself, he killed my gran.'

This had clearly swayed the crowd. The noise rose; they all seemed to be chattering amongst themselves. The short woman returned to where she was and Miley looked at Tom. He put his hand in Miley's. She smiled. It was nice to have someone.

'Blake...?' Miley started. Her and Tom ran up the stairs, pushing the crowd out of the way. They ran into the small room that they had met Justin before. Blake was there, kissing him? As they heard Miley and Tom enter the room, they immediately stopped and turned around.

'Um...Miley? Hey...' Blake began. 'How did it go with Siva then?'
'He's dead,' Miley said bluntly, not in the mood for chit chat. 'And i need your help.'

Miley quickly explained everything that had happened. How Siva had knew that they would go back in time, how he only killed Rose to get to Miley and how she had killed him, just like he had killed her gran. Blake took in all in quickly. She kept quiet, letting Miley do the talking. Then, when she had finished, Miley turned to Justin.

'Did you know anything about this?' she asked him. It took him a while to answer. He seemed suspicious.
'Well, yesterday after you had arrived, i saw you come up here. You went into the room next door to here, the one with spiders on the doors. Well, he came up after you and asked to talk to me. He came in here. He told me, when the time was right, to take you back in time. I didn't know what he was talking about, but he blinked away too quick. But he did tell me that he had a little surprise in store. He was holding a book; The Tall Tales of Ogres i think it was called. I think he did a spell to get one of those ogres out of the book and into real life.'

What Justin was saying seemed to make sense to Miley, that he had created the ogre to test Miley's powers. To prove that she really was 'The Powerful One'. She was starting to trust the boy, even though she didn't know much about him. But Blake seemed to like him even more.

'So, why did you need my help?' Blake asked Miley.
'See that power you've been building...' Miley started. 'When do you think it will be ready? I want my gran back.'

Chapter 14.

It took a while for Blake to register what Miley had said. She was only growing the power to save her mum. She wasn't planning on using it on anyone else. But, maybe that's what Miley needed right now? Her gran back. Miley felt guilty for her gran's death. If they hadn't gotten into that fight, then her gran would've still had her powers and maybe would have been able to fight back. She might have still been alive.

The power was getting stronger, maybe strong enough now. Blake left the room, quickly followed by the others, including Justin. She headed over to the room, the one with spiders on the door. The one where her and Miley first met earlier that day.

As they entered the room, the same thing happened as when Miley had entered. All the lamps lit on fire, causing Tom to step back in shock, just as Miley had did. Far in the distance, the small ball of light that was Blake's mothers power was glowing.

'There's the power,' Miley said to Justin, pointing at the orb glistening at the bottom of the long room. They all made their way towards the table, Blake leading the way. As they reached close enough to the power to see it clearly, Miley heard Tom gasp.

'Wow!' Tom said in awe. 'It's beautiful isn't it? That thing there can bring back the dead.'
'Yes,' Blake said. 'It's a powerful thing, but it should not be used for evil. That is why, as soon as i bring back my mum and Miley's gran, it will be destroyed.'

Miley was shocked. Blake had been building up this power for so long, and as soon it has been used it would be destroyed? Would her mum not want the power back? Or was it too dangerous?

Blake picked up the power. It somehow hovered above her hand, not touching her skin. The glow seemed to be getting brighter, as if it knew what was in store for it. Everyone was mesmerized by the sight of it. It somehow took over, as if you couldn't take your eyes off of it.

'I have to use the power,' Blake stated. 'I have to be the one to use it to bring them back. All i have to do is go to their bodies. Your grans will be easy enough to find and we just have to blink to my mum's grave. It's in a wizarding graveyard. Then i just lay my hands on them; will them to become alive. Then, hopefully, they will come back.'

'Hopefully?' Miley asked, thinking that the whole plan had been bulletproof.
'Well...' Blake said. 'I've never used the power before. I don't know if it will work for me. But, i have seen my mum use it many a time; she worked as a wizarding nurse. She saved those who deserved to live. If it wasn't their time to die.'

Miley stepped back. She watched as Blake put the power through her; into her heart. She watched as Blake was overcome by the power: it looked as if something was possessing her. Then she opened her eyes.

'How do you feel?' Miley asked her.
'Okay, i guess...' Blake replied. She looked a bit shaken up. 'I can feel it, you know. Running through my veins.' She lifted up her arm. ' I can see it too.'
'Come on,' Miley said. 'Let's go bring back my gran and your mum.'

They all held hands. They were going to blink to Blake's mum first. She closed her eyes and thought about the graveyard; when she had gone to cry over her dead mum. Then they were whisked off of their feet; flying through the air. They opened their eyes. It was snowy in the graveyard. It was cold. The graves where covered with snow and ice. Then Miley saw it. The grave that was in front of them. She cleared away the snow and ice so they could read it : Isabella Cyrus, Blake's mum.

Then, Blake lay her hand over the grass that bordered the stone. It started to shake, come away. The tops of the grass rose and the ground parted ways. The coffin rose up out of the ground, floated in the air. Then Blake laid her hands on the coffin. She channeled all the love she had for her mum, how much she missed her.

Then there was a bang. It was coming from inside the coffin. Blake lifted up the lid, and saw that her mum was there. Alive.
'Blake!' she screamed, climbing out and throwing her arms around her. 'You brought me back.'
'Yes,' she smiled. 'But, we have to go mum. We have someone else to save.'