Kelly Osourne responds Miley Cyrus and Calls fans "idiots".

Earlier Saturday evening (July 16) Miley Cyrus complained about a fanplaying either her music, or her father’s music on a jukebox at a restaurant that she was at with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. She asked Osbourne if she dealt with the same thing when Ozzy’s music is played.
Before receiving a response from Kelly, Miley tweeted (and quickly deleted) a complaint about the fan that was playing HER music, and interrupting HER night.
Finally, Kelly Osbourne got back to Miley. Instead of damage control, Osbourne blamed it on the fan that paid money to play a song on a jukebox. The first Twitter response was rather tame in a “please don’t play my song for me” way:
@MileyCyrus but i get what you mean it’s really annoying to watch people think they are being funny when they are clearly not! (sic)
That would have been well enough, but then Kelly Osbourne exacerbated the situation by calling any fan that plays an artist’s music, when the artist is in the room, stupid. Here’s the tweet:
@MileyCyrus be proud & just smile because its just stupid people thinking they are funny when they r just simple minded idiots! w/ no life! (sic)
News flash for Kelly Osbourne… those “stupid people” who are “simple minded idiots” paid money to play that song. They are also the same people that buy your CDs, download your tracks, and buy your concert tickets. In other words, keep biting the hand that feeds you.

Miley nomitated for the argentina kids choice awards.

It has just been announced that Miley is nominated for the Argentinian version of the Kids Choice Awards. Miley is nominated in the “International Singer” category:
Joe Jonas
Miley Cyrus
Justin Bieber
Big Time Rush
Black Eyed Peas
Lady Gaga
Miranda Cosgrove
Selena Gomez
Click here to vote.

Miley & Liam at a restaurant in Michigan! [Personal photo]

Miley has been visiting her boyfriend-Liam Hemsworth in Michigan, while he’s filming a movie.

New twitpic by Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus tweeted: "I'm so in love with him it is ridiculous. His name is Floyd :)"

Miley & Floyd.

Miley & Floyd. Departing LAX

Miley Cyrus new look.

Miley Cyrus has a new look, She took off her hair extensions and now Miley looks younger and more natural we can see that her new look is very characteristic of her new movie "L.O.L"

Miley SAID "NO" to a Fan.

Miley and her dog "Floyd" at LAX.

He asked her if she can say HOLA MACARENA (Hi Macarena: Macarena is one name)... I LOVE MILEY, but I don't understand why she didn't say "HI".

SmilersLoveMiley Trending On Twitter!

A few minutes ago, SmilersLoveMiley entered into the Trending Topics on Twitter and is still in last position but will surely be first soon! If you wanna help tweet SmilersLoveMiley once per tweet or it’ll be considered as spam on twitter . Check out a capture of SmilersLoveMiley 
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Smiler Campaign: Love Is Love♥

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Gypsy Heart Tour dvd cancelled!

Many may have heard about Miley’s new Gypsy Heart Tour Concert DVD coming out. There were no confirmed dates as to when it will be released. At first it was confirmed that there will be a DVD for Miley’s tour. However, yesterday a very close friend of Miley’s, and former Paparazzi guy that has been with Miley throughout her Career has confirmed over a live Twitcam chat that the Tour DVD that was going to be released has been cancelled.
According to Miley’s friend Alison:
No more gypsy heart tour DVD, I talked with Miley’s manager who is a safe source.
Things might change, over the next coming months, this might not be 100% true, so keep checking back and we’ll keep you updated!
(Thanks to MileyOnline.US for the information!)

Who's The Most Patriotic Diva?

Today is the Fourth of July — happy birthday, America! — and that means it's time to celebrate the most patriotic ladies in music! Whether they're singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" in front of millions or wearing their love of their country on their sleeve (sometimes very literally), these ladies are living the American dream.
And this isn't some arbitrary ranking, either! To determine who the most patriotic divas are, we got positively scientific (just go with it). We assessed these ladies' patriotism based on four areas. Each was awarded one point if she, A) appeared at a patriotic event or in a pro-America public service announcement, B) was photographed wearing American flag-related clothing, C) sang the national anthem at a public event or D) released an America-themed song. The lady with the most points won.
So who are the top America-lovin' ladies in music today? Check 'em out!

Miley Cyrus
We thought of Cyrus for this list specifically because of her good-times jam "Party in the U.S.A.," which is not only about America but weirdly became a bona fide anthem that reflected the mood in the country following the death of Osama Bin Laden.
But just when we thought we could award the young pop star only one point, we stumbled upon her PSA for the American Red Cross, asking for support in the wake of the earthquake that ravaged northern Japan earlier this year. Way to lend your celebrity to both a very American organization and an allied country in dire need, Miley!

Full article here

Most popular singers by VEVO

Vevo, an account on youtube for a lot of singers that always post their latest music videos and songs, made a list for the most popular singers and of course, Miley couldn’t be out of it! Check it out below:

Lady Gaga – 1.632.450.395
Rihanna – 1.333.881.663
Shakira – 947.239.912 -
Britney Spears – 853.910.418
Beyoncé – 735.023.571
Taylor Swift – 493.208.814
Jennifer Lopez – 463.577.450
Katy Perry – 414.950.899
Selena Gomez – 354.322.114
Christina Aguilera – 217.634.971
Ke$ha – 191.642.959
Jessie J – 187.993.705
Nicki Minaj – 174.877.413
Miley Cyrus – 150.422.719

Miley Cyrus: Top 16 Most Glamorous Pop Queens.

Who is the undisputed queen of Pop in the present time? Have you ever wondered? Rolling Stone, a U.S.- based magazine devoted to music, liberal politics, and popular culture, has come up with an index of 16 solo female artists. It ranked the artists on the basis of six criteria including album and digital song sales, Hot 100 rankings, radio airplay, YouTube views, social media, concert grosses, industry awards and critics’ ratings.
The competitors are (in alphabetical order): Adele, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, P!nk, Rihanna, Robyn, Shakira, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.
The time period covered for the selection procedure is from 2009 to mid-2011.


Studio Album #5 On The Way

Well it looks like Miley Cyrus is enjoying focusing on her music career these days, because from what we hear, she’s heading back into the studio to work on her second album! She’s currently in Australia on a tour after having shot her two latest movies So Undercover and LOL. But she’s bouncing back to music, according to Ryan Seacrest. He announced on his radio show today that The Milester is headed directly into the studio later this summer when her tour wraps up.
Ryan also mentioned that she has absolutely no plans to sign on to any film projects right now because apparently she wants to drop a new record asap. As for the timeline we’re looking at, sources say it’ll probably come out sometime next year. Pretty quick turnaround, and based on how quick Miley wants to release her new album, I’d assume she has some of the songs already written and/or chosen for her already. So there you have it! Hopefully after this next album comes out, we can convince Miley to actually tour here in the US! Let us know what you think about the news, and if you’re looking forward to hearing her new music.

[EXCLUSIVE] Miley's Next album News!

Miley Cyrus has just finished her Gypsy Heart Tour today, July 2nd 2011. So what's next for the teen sensation? Miley is going to be recording for her 5th album that she's been recording for since March 2011. Recording starts sometime next week. It's confirmed one track on the album will be called "Gypsy Heart". Rumor has it the first single off the album will be called "Love Comes First" and Miley will be remaking an Avril Lavigne song! "Love Comes First" and the Avril cover have not been confirmed yet, but "Gypsy Heart" has been confirmed. Comment if you are excited for the next album? 


Miley Cyrus Wrapping Up Successful Gypsy Heart Tour In Australia.

Miley Cyrus has been rocking down under while on her Gypsy Heart tour. Before her first date in Australia, Miley sat down to talk about her plans while visiting the country. Rumors about a reconciliation with Australian boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth prompted radio hosts to ask the young star about her love life. Miley coyly told the host, “I don’t want to cross out the Australian boys, but I may or may not be single.” She crushed the dreams of Australian boys when she clarified, “I’m definitely not coming to Australia single.”
Her Gypsy Heart tour is very risqué for a former Disney star. Liam’s parents attended a show in their hometown of Melbourne. Prior to the show Miley revealed, “I’m really nervous about it. I’m going to be right in front of them in my Can’t Be Tamed outfit.” Her outfits definitely do not resemble anything her famous counterpart, Hannah Montana, would ever wear. “Oh my God. I hate it when people I know are right there in front of me in the audience,” she laments.

Miley Cyrus has wowed her Australian fans with her transformation into the adult world of rock music. The tour wraps up on July 2nd in Perth, and Miley is taking time to enjoy the sites in the beautiful city. Her opening act, Michael Paynter, says, “Miley loves to party so she doesn’t make it easy on herself.” He admits to partying with the 18-year-old and says “she almost wrecked me.” However, Paynter says, “when she’s on stage, she’s an incredible performer, very accomplished.”
This is the first tour Miley has ever done in the land down under. She opted to visit cities she had never visited on her previous two tours. Miley has decided not to do any shows in the United States. She sadly says, “I just think right now America has gotten to a place where I don’t know if they want me to tour or not.” Hopefully, once the shock of the new grown up Miley wears off, she will be welcomed back into her homeland.

Miley On Hollywood Records HOT 100

Below are the 100 list of hot songs by Hollywood Records

1. PLAIN WHITE T’S – Hey There Delilah #1
2. MILEY CYRUS – Party In The U.S.A. #2
3. JESSE MCCARTNEY ─ Beautiful Soul #4
4. MILEY CYRUS ─ The Climb #4
5. JONAS BROTHERS ─ Burnin’ Up #5
6. JONAS BROTHERS ─ Tonight #8
7. MILEY CYRUS ─ Can’t Be Tamed #8
8. MILEY CYRUS – 7 Things #9
9. DEMI LOVATO feat. JOE JONAS – This is Me #9
10. JESSE MCCARTNEY ─ Leavin’ #10
11. MILEY CYRUS ─ See You Again #10
12. MILEY CYRUS ─ He Could Be The One #10
13. DEMI LOVATO ─ Here We Go Again #15
14. HILARY DUFF ─ Play With Fire #16
15. MILEY CYRUS ─ When I Look At You #16
16. ALY & AJ ─ Potential Breakup Song #17
18. MILEY CYRUS ─ Hoedown Throwdown #18
19. HILARY DUFF feat. HAYLE DUFF ─ Our Lips are Sealed #20

Miley Performing "On Melancholy Hill” by Gorillaz In Perth

cover of Melancholy Hill she dedicated to Jen and Ryan. 

Selena Gomez will star in a new version of Hannah Montana?

Selena Gomez will star in a new version of Hannah Montana, the series that catapulted her to success Miley Cyrus, in its Mexican version ... Do you believe it? Do not worry, be unique. Throughout the morning of healing has generated one of those rumors that create excitement in social networks. The star itself was Selena Gomez, who unwittingly became a Trending Topic on Twitter and Facebook so unusual an idea as possible: Selena Gomez will be Hanna Montana.
The curious thing is that the term became Trending Topic was 'Hanna Montana' and'Hannah Montana' and many explained, "the Mexican version of the Disney starSelena Gomez and the call is the same, but as it is in Spanish, he removed a hatchet. "
Who knows, as the rumor serves a TV producer for daring to make another version ofMiley Cyrus, but for now, is nothing but a grace over social networks.
What do you look like? Can you imagine a Latino version of 'Hannah Montana starring Selena Gomez? Someone could impersonate the original Miley Cyrus? 

Out For Lunch on Rokeby Road in Perth, Australia.

Earlier today (July 1st), Miley was seen out for lunch on Rokeby Road in Perth, Australia. She looked cute.