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[PICTURE] New Gypsy heart Photo!

Miley Looks Gorgeous in this new picture.
Thanks @CyrusCherry For the amazing picture! We Love You Miley♥

Vote For Miley Cyrus on the TCAs

“Teen Choice Awards 2011“ nominees were announced on the official site. Miley is nominated in two categories this year, “Best Comedy Actress” and “Red Carpet Fashion Icon Female“.

Best Comedy Actress

Demi Lovato – Sonny With A Chance
Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana
Miranda Cosgrove – iCarly
Kaley Cuoco – The Big Bang Theory
Selena Gomez – Wizards Of Waverly Place

Red Carpet Fashion Icon – Female

Lady Gaga
Miley Cyrus
Jennifer Lopez
Taylor Swift
Vanessa Hudgens

You can vote EVERYDAY, so make sure you do so!! All you have to do is register for an account, and vote daily! Click here to visit the official site and vote.

Miley Cyrus Ranked Number 8 “Rolling Stone Queen Of Pop”

According to Rolling Stone, Miley Cyrus was ranked number 8 in the Rolling stone queen of pop index. Joining other female pop artist that has been an era of female dominance such as: Britney, Lady gaga, Beyonce, Katy perry, and Rihanna. Last year it was Beyonce that dominated the charts, this year its Gaga. Miley was able to rank 549 in the queen of pop index.

Fully List: Adele, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, P!nk, Rihanna, Robyn, Shakira,Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

Miley Explains What Inspired Her To Start Get Ur Good On.

Miley Cyrus explains what inspired her to start Get Ur Good On and how young people can get involved. Join the movement today:http://www.geturgoodon.org.

Miley Cyrus Supporting “Love Is Louder” Campaign Championed By Demi Lovato

Being a teenage girl is tough no matter what, but it’s especially tough if you spend these years in the spotlight like Miley. Her roles in Hannah Montanaand The Last Song and her chart-topping hits like “Party in the U.S.A.” have shown that Miley has big dreams and knows how to achieve them. This campaign is all about knowing that you don’t have to let success get in the way of your happiness, and Miley’s support shows that even the most successful girls understand the power of balance.

Seventeen Magazine

Not sure exactly when Seventeen originally posted this pic but it is just an adorable pic of Miles we thought you guys might like. Lot of other celebs have showed their support for this cause that was initiated by Seventeen Magazine and Demi Lovato. Hope you guys like the pic. 

Source: http://disneyinfonet.com

HUGE Propaganda for the concert of Miley in Costa Rica!

Twitpics by Tish Cyrus!

at the airplane! Miley,Liam,Denika, Vij .

Miley and Tish Cyrus

Miley, Tish and Denika!

[NEWS] - Ballarat girl accused of 'attacking' pop star Miley Cyrus.

A Ballarat girl has caused an internet sensation after being accused of “attacking” Miley Cyrus at the pop star’s Melbourne concert on Friday night.
But the girl’s sister told The Courier yesterday that her sister was simply a devoted fan and just wanted to get closer to the teen superstar.The incident occurred just after Cyrus had finished her chart-topping hit The Climb to a packed house at Rod Laver Arena.While Cyrus was waving to fans out on a catwalk, Jessica Hetherington, 16, leapt onto the stage, ran up to Cyrus and tried to pull her into a hug.Security immediately grabbed the young fan and escorted Cyrus off the stage in scenes reminiscent of a secret-service presidential escort.
The online community immediately went into meltdown, with some web sites labelling the incident an “attack”, while others stated the Ballarat girl “rushed” the pop star.
Gossip website hollywoodlife.com boldly proclaimed Cyrus had been “attacked by a fan”.“Lucky for Miley, security was there to quickly, and somewhat aggressively, take the fan down and get Miley off the stage,” the site said.
Last night, the video of the escapade featured at the top of the “music section” on YouTube.
Jessica’s older sister, Casey, said she was proud of her sister for “having the guts” to give Cyrus a hug.
“When Jess was little, as soon as she started liking Miley she said she would give her a hug when she met her – so I say good on her,” Casey said. “It’s been blown right out of proportion.”Casey said her sister was disappointed with some of the comments angry fans had directed towards her.“There’s stuff on Miley’s Facebook saying that Jess was a troubled and disobedient girl,” she said.
“It’s just completely wrong – after the show one of the security guards gave her a high-five.”“I’m sure there are plenty of other girls who want to hug Miley but don’t have the guts.

[PHOTOS] New twitpics by Miley Cyrus!

[PHOTO] New Vijat Mohindra Shoot Picture.

Fans trend 1YearCantBeTamed to celebrate the one year anniversary of “Cant Be Tamed” album!

Miley’s fans took to twitter to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her most recent album, “Cant Be Tamed”!

Buy Cant Be Tamed on iTunes now for $11.99! 

[PICTURES] Miley leaving Sydney with Liam

Miley Cyrus Loves Leather And Studs, Is This Her Sexiest Outfit Ever?

Miley Cyrus, 18-year-old pop star, slipped into possibly the most x-rated outfit we’ve ever seen her in as she took to the stage in Pasay City, south of Manila in the Philippines as part of her Gypsy Heart World Tour.
The singer squeezed into a pair of leather bondage style briefs paired with racy chap-inspired stockings and a sparkly bra for the concert.
She topped the look off with a white jacket bedazzled with sequins and feathers, and a gold necklace featuring a handcuff pendant. 
Miley gave an energetic performances, racing around the stage and performing with some male back-up dancers.
Credit: GlobalGrind

Miley takes on Nirvana classic, shows her old school charm.

MANILA, Philippines — It was an unlikely song choice to cover, particularly because the original was madly belted out by one of rock history’s most troubled geniuses. But Miley Cyrus, a heroine among today’s teens, turned her seemingly odd take on Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” the most interesting number during her concert at the MOA grounds June 17.

Yes, there was “The Climb” and “Forgiveness and Love” that provided the requisite positive vibe the crowd of mostly young girls needed on such a night. Yet her cover of the rock hit that propelled grunge music to mainstream acclaim turned the late Kurt Cobain into a rock god overnight for the teens in attendance.

Earlier in the concert, she sang Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ “I Love Rock And Roll” which became a hit in the ’80s. “Rockers like Joan Jett made it possible for me,” she implied during the presscon just before her very first concert in Manila.

Watching Miley live (via Futuretainment production) was a way to re-evaluate her as an act. The way she handled and carried herself with class on stage proved she had all the right to grow up the way she wants to. So what if she bares her tummy most of the time? At least she’s not some malnourished-looking chick many celebrity girls her age are, overdoing thin and sexy. Her visual appeal seems to say she’s just who she is.

And that’s a fresh way to suit up for role-model-mode.

Credit goes to her for knowing how to reach out to fans. That she more than once went to the extreme right of the stage to go nearer the people in that area was big proof of that. The impact was spectacular, with her attracting standing and thrilled fans on that particular side like a magnet to iron filings.

“Everything starts with a dream,” she encouraged her Filipino fans whom she thanked many times for being there with her. She often said the word “amazing” to address the audience. For those chanting her name after her final song “The Climb,” en route to the expected encore numbers, that was how she delivered her act.

Some standout numbers were her performances of “Can’t Be Tamed,” “Stay,” “Cherry Bomb,” “My Heart Beats For Love” and her rendition of another ’90s super hit “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

Such is Miley’s charisma. One moment, she’s almost preachy, the next moment, she’d be sexy.

Our Photo Gallery.

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[VIDEO] Miley Cyrus interview with Sunrise.


Miley Cyrus Debuts Bondage Look

Miley Rocking Costa Rica with Liberty walk!
Miley Cyrus has been taking her outfits to the next level! She has been wearing a ton of bondage gear complete with straps, hooks, belts, and ties, very similar to her older role models, like Rihanna, 23, and Britney Spears, 29.

Since ending her time on Hannah Montana, Cyrus has kicked up her music career. She is currently on tour(Gypsy Heart), wearing all kinds of different get-ups on stage, some of which are a bit too risqué for some of her young fans - and their parents!

"The 18-year-old appeared on stage in what appeared to be PVC or leather garter-belt-style 'bondage' shorts with matching black boots and an exposed bra—and the locals weren't too pleased," Hollywood Life reports. One father saying that her concert organizers were to blame.

What people need to realize is that Miley Cyrus is 18-years-old and she is a performer. Parents need to explain to their kids that she is on stage - essentially playing dress up. This is just the way that it is. What do people want her to wear? Long jeans and an over-sized T-shirt? Come on.

PHOTOS: Miley interview with “Sunrise” today!

Photo: Miley did an interview with “Sunrise” today! Check out a picture of her and the host here.

“The Day I met Miley…” the host of Eat Bulaga writes about her amazing experience meeting Miley!

The host of EAT BULAGA, Pauleen, writes about her amazing experience meeting Miley. She wrote such nice things, so be sure to read it!
It was a Wednesday when our boss told us Miley Cyrus will guest in “Eat Bulaga.” I got excited because I am a big fan of Miley’s movie “The Last Song” and I really dance to some of her songs when I do numbers in “Bulaga.” I can’t really say I’m a die-hard Milester since I prefer different genres until… I met her in person.
Thursday came. I got up, tweeted my followers to tune in to “Eat Bulaga” because Miley Cyrus will promote her concert. I did my morning routine, got in my car and drove to Broadway Studios. I rushed going up to our Broadway expecting she was already there. I saw familiar faces who I don’t regularly see in the studio, like Mara Sotto, Bossing Vic’s niece. And yes, she was so excited to see Miley, too.
Finally, the show started. I hosted this portion called “PNV.” Right after the portion, I went straight to the host’s room.

People we’re talking about Miley’s arrival. There were comments like ”She’s so tall!” and “She has never ending legs!” and that made me more curious. I never imagined Miley to be so tall really. Well, of course, next to boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, she really looked tiny. Anyhow, another gap has passed. I was eating my lunch when our P.A. Ira told me that Pia and I are going to interview Miley. Pia was so excited for me but I wasn’t. These words came out of my mouth “Huh? Bakit ako? Si Allan K (another Bulaga host) na lang!” Weird huh? Don’t get me wrong guys. I really like her, but fear and nervousness crept in. I was thrilled and scared at the same time! I’ve only had two chances of interviewing singers from Hollywood and Miley’s the third. Others famous Hollywood personalities I interviewed on the show were Kris Allen and Nicole Scherzinger. YES, I sure am lucky!
Finally, the time came.
There I was introducing MILEY CYRUS! What was my first reaction when I saw her? Well, aside from getting goosebumps, I noticed she’s REALLY tall! If I’m not mistaken, she must be about 5’8”! She was taller than Pia Guanio and I! Totally not how I Imagined her to be. She was very warm and sweet. She smelled good too! The moment she came out of the LCD, she walked towards us, waved to her fans, kissed and hugged us. She answered all the questions we asked her. Other Hollywood celebrities can only be asked three questions and luckily, she’s not one of them.
She looked really pleased because the fans in the studio went ballistic! They were so, so happy to see her. They were chanting her name and singing her songs! And finally, the interview ended with another kiss and a hug, which she initiated and this time, tighter. She really is one sweet young lady. After the interview, we went backstage and guess what? She was nice enough to allow us to have our picture taken with her. I can just imagine the stress of flying to a country halfway around the world and going to a noon time show just to promote. But there she was, smiling and making us feel like she’s one of us. That yes, she is a star but she shines because of her pleasing attitude. She even told me to watch her concert! What an experience. Boy, never in my entire life did I imagine having even a short conversation with a Hollywood star! But thanks to Miley, it happened.
Meeting Miley Cyrus was such a humbling and amazing experience. I’ll never look at her the same way ever again. She really is something. Now I can really say, I am a very, very big fan. Keep it up Miley! We love you!
Source: Yahoo.com

[ARTICLE] Dream come true for Miley Cyrus's first-ever Australian tour.

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus will bring her Gypsy Heart tour to Sydney this month, with tickets under $100 for her legion of young fans. Source: Supplied

MILEY Cyrus is on a "mission" for her fans. The world's biggest tween sensation will today touchdown in Brisbane for her first-ever Australian tour, Gypsy Heart.
For the next fortnight, every move the Hannah Montana star makes will be tracked by her legion of followers as she crisscrosses the country performing her show, which includes two concerts in Sydney at Acer Arena.
She's also rumoured to be meeting up with her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth while Down Under.
Hemsworth's older brother, Thor star Chris, indicated the on-off pair would be reuniting - a bonus for the paparazzi.
"He was going to (tour with her in Australia) but I'm not sure," Chris said earlier this month.

"The Gypsy Heart tour is a dream come true. Not only because of all the beautiful cities I will get to visit, but all of the beautiful people I will get to meet," Cyrus has said.
The Gypsy Heart tour has already been to South America and the Philipines and, according Cyrus, the shows are "a mission to spread love".
Cyrus, born Destiny Hope Cyrus, has sold millions of albums and enjoyed success in television, film and music. Australia is a massive market for the 18-year-old, who has released 10 albums and had hits with tracks including The Climb and Party In The USA.
The daughter of country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus, the singer had a few smaller acting roles before becoming a virtual overnight success in 2006 thanks to the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana series.
She is now one of the pop world's biggest stars, earning a reported $54 million over the past 12 months.
But success has come at a cost for Cyrus. The Disney star has grown up in the public eye, a prime target for paparazzi with her every move followed. And she's slipped up plenty of times, courting controversy.
Miley Cyrus will perform at the Sydney Acer Arena on June 26 and 27. Click here for tickets

[VIDEO] Miley Cyrus arriving/leaving sydney international airport.

[PHOTOS] Leaving Manila, Philippines

[VIDEOS] New Miley World video from the Philippines.

Miley Christ giving flawless answers

"I FEEL like I’m on a game show,'' Miley Cyrus said as press con host and MYX VJ Nikki Gil picked questions for her out of a fishbowl.

It was the day before her concert at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds and Miley was sitting inside Martinis in Mandarin Oriental for a quick press conference. "I’m a little thrown off `coz of the time difference but it's awesome,'' Miley said.

The concert is part of her Corazon Gitano (Gypsy Heart) tour and the Philippines is the tour’s only stop in Asia.

"It's my first time here but my brother’s been here before and he told me that the crowd is awesome."

After Manila, Miley is off to Australia for a few shows before heading back to the US for a break.

Miley gamely answered questions from the press, speaking very fast and talking with her hands. She comes off smart and strong, opinionated and in control. She leaves you with no doubt that her days as Hannah Montana are long over—she's all grown up now.

She even has a grown up way of dealing with fame and the persistent paparazzi. "I deserve respect, I'm a person. You just draw boundaries, respect other people and you do it in a way that is sweet and they don't want to be mean to you or write bad things. If you demand respect, you get it."

Although she's lived with fame for almost half her life, Miley seems level-headed and well-adjusted. And unlike a lot of celebrities her age, she refuses to turn herself into an internet reality show. "People don't have to know what I eat everyday or what time I'm going to sleep or what I’m doing every second."

After the press con, MCA Music Inc. presented her with a platinum award for her albums "Can't Be Tamed," "The Time Of Our Lives" and "Breakout," she said, "Thank you. This is definitely going up in my house," she said.

Miley says she's learned to live with "creepy dudes hiding in bushes," rumors and misconceptions about her – because in the end, it's her work that matters. "If I'm creating, I'm happy."

How are you liking Manila so far? Have you had the chance to explore?

The fans have been amazing. I went to a show this morning and saw some fans there and they're all super stoked, they all had their signs. I just think it's great when people are excited. I think it helps when it's your first time coming somewhere. I haven't gotten too much time to explore because we got in so late last night. But after this, we're just gonna go explore. My mom the first thing she wants to do is go shopping of course so we’ll probably end up doing that later.

What was your most memorable concert or gig?

Probably playing with Joan Jett. I was on Oprah for one of her final shows. It was "Women Who Rock." It was amazing just to be there with women who have been around and who have made women rockers possible.

How does it feel to travel around the world and sing your songs to people who don’t even speak the same language?

I think it's amazing. I was really nervous the first time I was in South America. What keeps me going and gives me the energy is the fans singing along and relating. And I find it totally incredible that they sing along even when you don't think that they could and I see people getting really emotional, you see people laugh, you see people cry during the songs. They totally get it. It's more a spiritual connection. We're not necessarily speaking the same language because I let my music speak for itself. It’s kind of hard too because I like talking to the fans… but when you tell people to stand up and get loud, everyone knows that. Everyone gets up.

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you be doing now?

I love photography and I love to travel. I love being able to share pictures with fans who may never get to go to these places. I love that and I love fashion so I’d like to take pictures and be involved in the fashion industry too. I know the pictures I like to take, any kind of art, I like super natural and more hippie styles and bringing back the 70s, that’s kind of the style I like also.

What was your childhood dream?

This, always this. I was always excited to learn about every aspect of this industry. I always wanted to be a singer, I always wanted to act, I always wanted to produce, I always wanted to write. I always wanted to create things even if not for me as an artist but for other artists. And performing has always been my main one. I always wanted to perform.

What is love?

Love is someone who doesn't always try to give you answers. Sometimes love is just listening. That's something that I've learned a lot, sometimes that's the thing you need the most, to just have someone to listen. Friendship has to be the core of whatever kind of love that you're looking for. Just trust and honesty. Trust is our glue.

Is there anyone in particular…

…that I’m in love with? You know… you know… who knows? Maybe.

You left Twitter but came back when you started this new tour. What’s changed about your tweeting style?

I shut my Twitter off just when I was home in LA for a few weeks after South America and before coming here. Everything is okay in moderation. I think it's really good for artists especially musicians because we get a completely different connection with our fans and you feel like you really know them. But you don't have to tweet every single thing you're doing, you don't have to tweet about your private life because it's not private anymore and it's not personal. I don't really care what someone is doing 24/7. I don't think anyone cares what I'm doing 24/7, so I think just using it when it's that time to connect with your fans and you stop using it when it's time to disconnect and just be real for a little bit.

And by the way, once it's deleted, there's another Twitter page that is only the deleted tweets so something is never really deleted. So really read it twenty times before you put it out because it's never gone forever. And it's kind of scaring me, putting something on the internet, especially I just got a million followers. To know that a million people are right away gonna read something, even something that I didn't double check, I think that it's really safer to reread your stuff and know that you can stand by whatever statement you make.

Will you still be tweeting after the tour?

I've got a few things coming up after my break. I think it's good to keep the fans informed of what's going on and of causes that are important to me and things that are going on in the world that are important to me. You can say a lot of things, you can reach a lot of people and it’s nice to be able to share your opinion.

How do you deal with fame? Do you still get alone time with your family and friends?

It's super important to have that. No matter what, there’s always gonna be paparazzi in LA but you make limits. Here's my limit, this is my family time, this is my friend time, this is for me personally and nobody else and if they don’t follow the rules then they get into some problems. If you demand respect, you get it. I don’t love weird creepy dudes hiding in bushes and taking pictures of me in my bathing suit and then someone judging me on who looks better in the same bathing suit as me. It's stupid, it's ignorant, it's such a waste of space. There's so many great things out there to read and you spend your time reading that… I don’t know. I just block that out especially if you’re in my position because it sucks.

Do you ever get stressed? Have you ever wanted to take a break from it all?

I don't really get stressed from my work. I think life in general is harder than what I do because constantly I'm just creating and if I'm creating, I'm happy. There's always gonna be times when you don't understand why things are said about you or sometimes people just don't get it. But as an artist, it's our job to create what we love and what we want to say. It's life, just the silly things in life. You shouldn't sweat the small stuff and I couldn’t do that sometimes and I have to remind myself that I've dealt with so many bigger challenges and this is not as important.

So you've never reached a breaking point and said, "this isn't worth it anymore"?

When I'm performing, I just remember that feeling and I know it's worth it. And also sometimes I get stressed, "What am I doing with my life?" I know there are bigger things I should be doing in life even though people think I'm already doing the greatest thing that there can be – that people know me and I'm selling records – but I know there are greater things. You have to take everything and say, I can use this. If I wanna take time and just go do charity work, I can. And I can take my family on good vacations and shut it down for a little while and not feel like I constantly have to work or do things that I don't enjoy. I'm not a new kid in LA. I've worked hard, I can take time to take a break.

Have you ever disappointed your parents?

If anyone says they haven’t disappointed their parents, they're lying. I think the worst time I made them really really upset was when my little sister was born and my brother and I were kind of jealous of the new baby. We went down and we broke a window. And my dad was like, "You vandalized! And not only did you vandalize, you vandalized your own home! How dumb are you?" We had a tree house and we hid in our tree house for a few hours but then we needed snacks so we had to go home. Usually my dad just gives us talks and we move on and try to learn from it.

What about as a grownup?

Now my mom does the adult choice talking to. There are always times when they're not excited about your choices but me and my family, we're all different. My brother just got his entire face tattooed, I wish he didn’t have that on his face but my mom was like, this is who he is and this is his DNA and this is what I created and this is the person he's become. She just loves us for who we are and I have the greatest parents just because of that.

What is the biggest conception about Miley Cyrus?

There's lots of things that people have made up about me. But the most is how people could think that I do the things I do for shock value or for attention. I never do. My dad always says, "If everything you comes from a place of love, you will always succeed no matter what." (They think that) I do love the paparazzi, I do love the media, I do love the rumors because I don't. Quite frankly I think it's the worst part of the industry but it's never gonna change. You just have to take it all in and love it. Some days you’re not gonna be totally happy with how things turn out but that's probably the biggest misconception—that people think I want that kind of attention.No one wants to be talked negatively about. I don't know who would in their right mind..

Miley: “I’m No Shock Artist!”

While she is promoting an album called “Can’t Be Tamed,” grown-up “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus insisted she is not the aggressive-type who does stupid stuff just to make heads turn.

In a jam-packed press conference at the Mandarin Hotel June 16, Miley wowed reporters with her meaty views, replying to questions quickly yet sensibly.

“I think there are a lot of things being madeup about me. The greatest is that I’m someone who goes for attention. Truth is I don’t believe in shock value.”

Shock artists have risen in recent pop years, led by Lady Gaga who is known for dressing up unconventionally and in the process becoming instant center of attraction each time. Her meat dress was just one of those clear attempts; arriving on red carpet inside a cocoon was another.

While some of Miley’s contemporaries are doing ways to keep themselves fastened under the spotlight all the time, the 18-year old is quite private.
She related, “It’s super important to have time with family and friends. I’m a real person and I deserve privacy.”

Miley, one of the biggest acts in MCA Music stable, performed at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds yesterday June 17 in what was to be her only stop in Asia. The concert was part of her “Gyspsy Heart Tour” made possible by Futuretainment Inc. and Music Management International.

On the issue of tweeting, she sounded careful about what should come out of her lips, saying,‘” I find the internet scary because everybody gets to have an access on what you say and you always have to stand by what you’re saying. I believe you don’t have to tweet everything. People won’t care about what I’m doing 24/7.”

Some of Miley’s hits include “Party In The USA,” “Who Owns My Heart,” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” For those still uninformed, she is the daughter of one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus known for scoring the upbeat song “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Asked about the stress she gets as a young superstar, she surprisingly replied, “I get more stress from life in general than in doing what I do. The fans are amazing. Playing with Joan Jett was amazing.”

Miley, looking stunningly pretty in her black mini-skirt, was truly accommodating, answering even the most basic of questions like “What is love?” She said, “Friendship should be at the core of love.”

Miley in Manila: Entertaining, encouraging

Neither the drastic image reinvention nor the controversies that hound Miley Cyrus kept her mostly teenage girl fans from trooping to the teen queen's concert at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on June 17.  All prettified a la Miley channeling Hannah Montana, the popular Disney character that propelled her to stardom, the girls had their parents in tow, making the concert, which is part of Miley’s “Corazon Gitano” or “Gypsy Heart” tour, quite like a family affair with a few friends on the side. The concert showed off Miley's sexy and more mature side both in the music and costumes. But, more importantly, the 18-year-old singer gave her fans something to aspire for and be inspired about.  

And who better to do that than she? The pop star has traveled a long road, literally and figuratively, from being an ordinary girl from Tennessee to the “Hannah Montana” phenomenon she’s been. She created an empire through the teen show, selling millions of albums and merchandise, and holding concerts around the world for her gazillion supporters.
The fans that Bulletin Entertainment interviewed before the concert were one in saying that Miley has been a good role model to them. “She taught me ‘yung importance ng pagtulong sa ibang tao, and ‘yung importance of just being yourself,” said Erin De Guzman, 14. “Nagustuhan ko rin maging katulad niya,” Nadine Esplana, 11, related. 
Bianca Villanueva, 18, shared what Miley would later on advise her fans during the concert: “Dreams do come true. Na-influence niya ko to never give up on my dreams.”
Miley in the house Miley showed up on stage just before 9 p.m. clad in a sexy, bejeweled outfit that showed off her cleavage. She kicked off her 21-song set with “Liberty Walk,” a track from her latest CD, “Can’t Be Tamed.” She gave energetic song and dance numbers via “Party In The U.S.A.” and “Fly On The Wall,” both from previous albums. Miley was ably backed up by band mates and dancers (who performed emotive, interpretative dances, such as in “Robot”) while sophisticated lighting enhanced the spectacle. The big LCD screen at the top portion of the stage even showed the Philippine flag at one point. It was noticeable how Miley wasn’t singing some parts of her songs but instead, she resorted to using a sort of spoken-song technique. 

While it’s interesting in that it gives the song a different flavor, it kind of diminishes their overall power and message.  Well, at least we know she’s not trying to make the songs sound like they do on record. Miley showcased considerable lung power in the singing contest-favorite piece, “The Climb,” as well as in “Driveway” and in her cover of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”  These she belted out, hitting the high notes without strain. 

Miley only had a few quick breaks for costume changes during the more than hour-and-a-half show. She may have had only a few spiels, but these were meaningful ones. In introducing "Forgiveness and Love,” Miley said, “Without these two the world will be impossible.”
You give love, you get love
The singer paid tribute to music that inspired her “and gave [her] the strength to be here (music business).” Among these were a cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and a medley of “I Love Rock ‘N Roll (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts),” “Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)” and “Bad Reputation (Joan Jett).”  Miley kept saying, “Thank you guys so much!” after almost every number. 
Her fans in the Philippines, her only stop in Asia for her tour, didn’t fail her. They gamely sang along and danced to her hit singles. They also received with warm applause,  even her non-singles (most notably “Forgiveness and Love” and “Driveway").
Some also brought Miley merchandise like books, pins and bags. A few waved banners during the show, one of which even caught Miley’s attention because it was a fan sign for her mother, Tish Cyrus.  For encores, Miley wore a hot, red outfit and sang “See You Again,” “My Heart Beats For Love,” and “Who Owns My Heart.” 

Miley told her fans, “Everything starts with a dream… You gotta make your dream your purpose. I hope you guys feel inspired.”