Gypsy Heart Tour dvd cancelled!

Many may have heard about Miley’s new Gypsy Heart Tour Concert DVD coming out. There were no confirmed dates as to when it will be released. At first it was confirmed that there will be a DVD for Miley’s tour. However, yesterday a very close friend of Miley’s, and former Paparazzi guy that has been with Miley throughout her Career has confirmed over a live Twitcam chat that the Tour DVD that was going to be released has been cancelled.
According to Miley’s friend Alison:
No more gypsy heart tour DVD, I talked with Miley’s manager who is a safe source.
Things might change, over the next coming months, this might not be 100% true, so keep checking back and we’ll keep you updated!
(Thanks to MileyOnline.US for the information!)

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