Miley Cyrus’s PDA-Filled Date with Liam Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made a big show of their relationship this weekend when they skipped the Teen Choice Awards to spend some quality time together. The two were spotted at Sweetsalt on Aug.8 enjoying a casual lunch and some intimate one-on-one time together!
“They were enamored with each other and didn’t focus on their phones or any other distraction! They were all lovey dovey with each other,” said a source who was dining at the small restaurant when the couple stopped in for a bite.
Both Liam and Miley ordered salads, which are the restaurant’s specialty, and Liam was ecstatic that they had an Australian root beer by Bundaberg, which he said was one of his favorite drinks from home! They were holding hands, smiling at each other, and even kissed as they enjoyed their lunches. There was very little talking, but they seemed very content just enjoying each other’s company.
“They were in their own world and couldn’t keep their hands off each other! It was very obvious to every one that they were on a date,” said the source. “They didn’t sign autographs or take any pictures with fans, they were just all about each other.”

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